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Our Wildflower Observations – July and August

Oregon Wildflowers – August 2016

Here in California, July is a dry month. No rain at all falls in July in an average year. So, that means everything starts to turn brown (or some say “golden”). August has been dry as well…not a drop of rain!

The few colorful wildflowers that bloom are a welcome sight in an otherwise dry landscape.

Oregon Coast McVay Rock

So we felt like we cheated a little and used our time in Oregon to spy out some colorful and abundant wildflowers for our nature study delight. I filled my wildflower notebook with a whole list of flowers we found. See an image of one of the pages at the bottom of this post.

Wildflower collage oregon coastThese were flowers around our campsite in Southern Oregon. Such diversity in shape, color, and scent!

Pearly Everlasting

 Pearly Everlasting is one of our all time favorites and during July it is along most of the trails we hiked.


 Amazing and wonderful gentian was spotted at Port Orford on the Oregon coast. This was a new flower for me and its color and dots make me smile.

Goldenrod and red shouldered ctenucha
This is a new insect for us that we discovered on the coast of Oregon. It is called the Red shouldered ctenucha and it has a blue body and silver tips on the wings. Incredible find!


Isn’t this a pretty flower? Looks a lot like sneezeweed but my field guide doesn’t show it growing along the Oregon coast…anyone know what it is?

Wildflower JournalI am continuing my wildflower journal as part of my 2016 nature study goals. I endeavor to keep track by hike what specific wildflowers we find. It is a great lesson in learning how flowers bloom at different times of the year and I hope to continue this project into next year and beyond. It makes me happy to page through and see all of the different flowers we know and have enjoyed on each and every hike. My journal is small enough to fit in my pocket or in my daypack and it doesn’t weigh much at all. It is now a habit that I stop and record my list right after my hike if I haven’t taken time during the hike to do so.

Have you been looking at wildflowers?

Here is a link to the original challenge from earlier in the month: Summer Wildflowers









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