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Outdoor Hour Challenge #2 – Summer Edition



Outdoor Hour Challenge #2 – Using Your Words

Revisited Summer 2018

Don’t forget to read the suggested pages in the Handbook of Nature Study as noted in the original challenge!

From the Archives and from the Getting Started Ebook

This week we’re going to be getting back to basics. Keep it simple by taking your 15 minute outdoor time, looking for something of interest with your child, and then follow up with a short discussion of what you experienced. Use the prompts in the original challenge to inspire your child’s thinking about what they experienced during their time outside. Share what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy about your nature time with your children.


“In nature-study the work begins with any plant or creature which chances to interest the pupil.”

Handbook of Nature Study

For now, be content to just talk about what you saw while outside. Aim to keep your nature study time a pleasurable adventure, building a lifelong habit of getting outside and being refreshed by noting the amazing things happening right outside your own door or in your very own neighborhood.

garden renees sunflower august 2016 (5)

Was it too hot? Be creative about when you go outside for your nature time. Mid-afternoon might not be the best time. We always enjoyed getting out early during the summer to beat the heat. Your family may enjoy going out in the evenings. Pick a time when you are most relaxed and can enjoy getting outside with your children.


Here’s the link to the challenge for this week: Outdoor Hour Challenge – Getting Started #2 Using Your Words.

Getting Started Outdoor Hour Challenge ebook

If you have access to the Getting Started ebook, there’s a custom notebook page that you can use if you wish or a number of blank pages you can print and use instead.

Ultimate Naturalist Library September 2017 @handbookofnaturestudy

The Getting Started ebook is included in all levels of membership here on the Handbook of Nature Study, including the Discover Level.


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