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Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival #2 February 2010 Blizzard Edition

This has been a very busy month for nature study using the Outdoor Hour Challenges despite the blizzard conditions in much of the United States.

I am encouraged and impressed by all the families that have joined in a winter nature study routine this year. Usually, I am plodding along with a few others during the cold winter months, but this year you have all rallied to inspire each other.

I hope you enjoy reading the entries and viewing the images as much as I have over the last few weeks. Thank you so much for your participation!

Caspar_David_Friedrich Hut in Snow
Outdoor Hour Challenge #1 Let’s Get Started

Erin shares their nature study at Life in Poland. They are just getting started with the Outdoor Hour Challenges so you might want to send them a big welcome all the way over in Poland!

Outdoor Hour Challenge #2 Using Your Words

Quinn from Inside the White Picket Fence shares their second Outdoor Hour Challenge: Outdoor Hour. It looks so very cold, but also very beautiful!

The Chances are continuing with the Outdoor Hour Challenges in Arizona. They share their second challenge on their blog In Perpetuity Throughout Our Universe.

Outdoor Hour Challenge #3 Now is the Time to Draw

Quinn shares their very snowy world in their OHC #3 Entry at Inside the White Picket Fence. Don’t miss her beautiful photography!

Holli and her children took their outdoor time for this challenge and found some interesting things to learn more about and they share in their entry on their blog Settled In My Home. They also worked in their nature journals!

Outdoor Hour Challenge #4 Time to Focus

Quinn and her family are studying birds as their focus area. They combined several studies all in one to create this wonderful Bird Entry. Thanks for sharing your cardinals with us all.

Holli shares their family’s bird focus in her entry for Outdoor Hour Challenge #4. Warning: This entry includes cute baby chicks!

Outdoor Hour Challenge #5 Making a List

Quinn is on a roll with the Outdoor Hour Challenge and this week they used the Handbook of Nature Study‘s suggestions to study their hens feathers and more. She also had her children start Life Lists of birds they have observed. Great job! Nature Study and Feathers Note: One of her hen photos is on the sidebar of my blog as the Outdoor Hour Challenge Photo of the Week!
Outdoor Hour Challenge #30 Weeds and Seeds

Andi shares their weeds and seeds challenge on The Learning Pomegranate. I am always amazed at seeds and their power stored within. Thanks Andi for the beautiful photographs.
Müller-Kurzwelly, Waldlandschaft in Winter
Outdoor Hour Challenge #32 Pine Trees and Winter Series #5 Pine Trees

Andi from the Learning Pomegranate shares their very wintery study of Pine Trees. I was interested in reading about the pine needle tea.

Gabby from The Work of Childhood shares their family’s study of a great big pine tree and its cones (includes a craft as well).

Angie shares their latest Pine Tree Study on her blog The One Thing, this time around with snow in Georgia! Her boys are loving it.

Amy shares their snowy pine tree study on her blog Together for a Reason. They always look like they are enjoying their outdoor time.

Angie (Pebblekeeper) shares their very interesting Oregon version of the pine tree study on their blog Pebblekeeper.

Alex shares their White Pine Study for this challenge. They even drew some pine cones.

Winter by Boris Kustodiev
Winter Series #2 Winter Tree Study

Makita at Academia Celestia shares their Winter Tree Study of an apple tree!

Alex shares their Canadian Winter Tree Study….their birch tree is the focus for the year in their family.

Winter Series #3 Winter Sky

Amy at Together for a Reason completed the Winter Sky and Stars Challenge with her family….great job getting outdoors in the cold weather.

Alex shares their Winter Sky Study. Love the photo of the kids all bundled up outdoors at night!

Winter Series #4 Winter Weather

Amy at Together for a Reason says that this weather challenge came just in time for the blizzard!

Angie and her family enjoyed the big snow this year as well. They share their Winter Weather Study with us all on her blog The One Thing.

Dawn from Masterpiece Theater shares their winter weather nature study.

Alex from Serendipity shares their winter weather with some wonderful photos of their snowy skies.

Desiree blogs about their winter weather on her blog As Long As It Takes.

Winter Series #6 Salt Study

Michelle from Delightful Learning completed an excellent study of salt along with four different salt evaporation activities.

Winter Wednesday -Insect Study

Loni had a close encounter with a earwig and it made for a great nature study subject. Read her blog entry at Hearts in Training.

Russian Winter by Nikifor_Krylov
Winter Series #7 Winter Bird Study

Casey and her family participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count *and* her daughter started a study of robins. Here is her entry at Bumpin’ Along the Road Less Traveled.

Melissa at Bugs, Knights, and Turkeys in The Yard shares their bird count for carnival readers.

Tricia at HodgePodge shares their Great Backyard Bird Count along with some truly wonderful photos of cardinals. Don’t miss this one!

Another family participated in the GBBC…Alex and her kids counted birds in Canada and they share their results with some photos in their entry: Winter Series-Winter Birds.

Loni from Hearts in Training shares their backyard birds including woodpeckers, robins, , cardinals, and mourning doves. Here is their entry for the carnival: Winter Winged Visitors.

Kellie at the Blue House Academy shares their thoughts on bird study and some great resources in her blog entry, A little bird told me… She also has some wonderful bird photography.

Outdoor Hour Miscellaneous

Loni atHearts in Training shares their family’s study of a newborn White-tailed deer. Beautiful nature journal done by Mom.

Angie at The One Thing shares their nature study field trip along with some wonderful photos of things they saw “not so close to home”.

Thanks to everyone for all the entries and photos and participation. Please consider submitting your Outdoor Hour Challenge entries and your Winter Series entries to the next carnival. Deadline for submissions will be March 26th and all entries from March are eligible. Here is the link for submissions: LINK.

You can find all the paintings listed here on Wikimedia Commons:
Caspar David Friedrich,
Hut in Snow
Conrad Alexander Muller-Kurzwelly,
Waldlandschaft in Winter
Boris Kustodiev, Winter
Nikifor Krylov,
Russian Winter

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  1. This is better than getting your favorite magazine in the mail! Can’t wait to read, read, read!

    Thank you so much!

  2. I also LOVE your blog! I am not a homeschooling mom ( I AM a grandma of homeschooled girls tho, and I DID homeschool my children for a brief while)but have such fun exploring all you have to offer. And I recommended it to many others.


  3. What a great carnival! I can’t wait to read all these entries. I really like your selection of winter art too.

  4. The entries are all wonderful and inspiring. We started slacking a bit last month in our nature study, but reading about everyone’s adventures (and seeing the beautiful pictures) is motivating. Oh, and I thought I’d mention that yesterday we were excited to see open buds on the branch we brought inside from our January tree study.

    Kellie @ Blue House Academy

  5. I’m sad I missed entering this month! I’ll have to remember to comment here for next month… I’m pretty regularly having Outdoor Hour… though I have left off on the challenges for some time now.

    I am looking forward to reading through some other families experiences. Thank you for hosting/putting this together 🙂

    amy in peru

  6. Thanks for including my entry in this month’s carnival. And thank you for hosting! *Ü*

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