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A Few Bird Photos from My Saturday

My oldest son gave me his old Canon Rebel to use and yesterday I took a deep breath and started using it for the first time. I am a little intimidated by the sheer number of things I can do with this camera compared with my point and shoot.

I must have taken 100 photos and there are only four that are worth sharing. 🙂

Scrub Jay Gathering Sticks
I shared last week that we have a Western Scrub Jay building a nest in our front yard. I was able to capture him gathering some twigs for the nest as he flew from the backyard to the front yard about fifty times.

Scrub Jay in the feeder
Here is another jay in the feeder. I love the way his tail feathers are all folded up in this photo. He really is the King of this particular feeder. He spends a great deal of his time chasing the little birds out of the way.

Junco in the feeder
Here is a junco who managed to get his share of dinner before the jay swooped in and scared him away. The juncos are not particular about which feeder they eat in or under. I like the way you can see all his different colors of feathers in this photo.

Junco on the branch
One last photo of one of our resident juncos. He is so cut all puffed up and sitting on the branch of our sweet gum tree.

My goal is to work with the Canon a little each day so that I gain some confidence.

Stay tuned…..

10 thoughts on “A Few Bird Photos from My Saturday

  1. Well, these four are absolutely beautiful!

  2. I use a Canon Rebel, too. In fact, I just posted about the birds I saw today! 🙂

    Anyway, just keep at it and you’ll get the hang of it. And, I know there is MUCH more my camera could do…if I’d only take the time to learn! I have a book… just need to read it. 🙂

    Oh, and those are beautiful birds! We don’t have Scrub Jays around here. And, I see Juncos when I visit family in Oklahoma, but not around here. And, yours must be a little different kind. It’s fun to see “other people’s” birds.

  3. Hello Barb! Thank you so much for your comment at my blog about our flowers! And thanks for the clarification of the sepal!! Much appreciated… I am really looking forward to the flower press this week and finding out another part of the flower. It is supposed to rain here all week though- so that could be interesting!!!
    I loved your post/ photos of the birds you saw! We are reading the Burgess Bird Book for our AO science and since we are not in America it is fun to have a look at the bird they are talking about on the net! I feel like you have made it more real by showing us the “real” birds of America!!!
    Thanks “O)

  4. We are definitely buying a feeder like that as soon as we can. Isn’t it fantastic what a good camera can do?

  5. I agree with Rose. 4 wonderful shots that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

  6. The 2 blue birds are magnificent. Their colours are stunning.

  7. Your photos are beautiful! I love that western scrub jay – his blue colors are gorgeous. We’ve been enjoying our juncos too. I love how they puff up.

  8. Thanks for the encouraging comments. I love taking photos and birds are one of my favorite nature study subjects. I hope to practice until I get the camera figured out. 🙂

  9. Love your birds! They’re my favorite to photograph too!!!!

  10. I LOVE bird pictures, and yours are great. I love the little fluffy junco!

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