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Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival-December World Edition

We had a whole month of December World entries that prove that there is a wonderful world of nature study even as the season changes and shows its cold winter face.

As always, I enjoy every entry to the carnival and I hope you do too. A special thank you this month to all the participants who took the time to send in entries…they are greatly appreciated.

My December World entries are Flaming Tree, Fragrance, Colors, Raging River, and Texture. Click over and read any that you might have missed this past month. I so enjoyed documenting our nature experiences this month…it kept us balanced.

Melissa from Bugs, Knights, and Turkeys in The Yard writes about their December World and is inspired to write a some verses of poetry. Thanks Melissa for inspiring all of us with your words and photos. 

Angie from The One Thing writes about their December World in Georgia which includes snow!  Here are her words that sum up here thoughts, “I have found such joy, contentment, peace, have been completely amazed and in awe since I found the Charlotte Mason home school method about five years.” I couldn’t agree more.

Monica from Discover Their Gifts shares their December World which also involves snow. She finds joy in the things right outside in their own backyard and what they can see from their windows…the moon, clouds, the trees. Don’t miss her photo of the moon during the day…gorgeous.

Angie from Petra School has written three entries as part of the December World Mini-Challenge to reread parts of the Handbook of Nature Study: December Mini ChallengesMini Challenge #2 The Teacher’s Role, and  Mini Challenge #3 Language and Drawing. I loved the insights she had as part of the #2 reading about questions and answers. Thanks Angie for sharing your thoughts as you work through the Handbook of Nature Study pages.

Kelsey from Mud Puddles has an entry for the December World challenge as well. She gave herself a personal challenge as they headed outdoors into their snowy world, “Usually I am (partially) directing our explorations to focus on the current challenge we are learning more about. However, during this visit I really challenged myself to keep my mouth closed and let the kids guide me.” I think we all need to do this more and Kelsey shares some wonderful photos of their time outdoors. Thanks Kelsey.

Paula who writes from Belgium shares her Feed Your Garden Birds entry as part of the December Outdoor Hour Challenge Carnival.  It looks like winter has come to her part of the world as well. Thanks Paula.

Amy from The Teachable Heart shares two entries with the carnival: Bees and Honeycomb and Seed Hunt.   I do so love to see how Amy and her children adapt the OHC to younger children. Thanks for sharing your entries with us Amy.

Makita from Academia Celestia shares a photo journal of their December butterfly study, including their journal entries.

Tricia (HodgePodge Mom) shares their December World and they did a little added challenge, look for greens and reds while they were outdoors.  This is always a great way to keep your nature study focused but still let the children lead they way. She also shares her insights as part of the parent’s part of the  December World Mini Challenge to read the Handbook of Nature Study. Thanks for the reminders Tricia.

There you go! I think this Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival turned out great after all. I was a little worried last week when I didn’t have any entries but you all stepped up and helped make this a memorable December. Well, the whole year has been a joy…. I look forward to the coming months and all of our winter and spring activities.

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