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It’s All About the Questions! Also HNS Hardcover vs. Paperback Editions

San Francisco Golden Gate Park
Trees in Golden Gate Park – San Francisco

Angie from Petra School posted a wonderful reflection post on the second reading section of the December World Mini-Challenge….pages 23 and 24 from the Handbook of Nature Study.

As I neared the end of her writing, a lightbulb went off in my brain!

The Handbook of Nature Study frustrated me at first because it was not a field guide but it also frustrated me because I wanted a book that answered all the questions for the activities suggested in the individual lessons.

I was missing the purpose both of the book and of nature study in general.

Nature Study (and pretty much all we learn) is more about the questions we have and finding the answers. The Handbook of Nature Study gives us some starting point questions in each lesson but then we are free to pick and choose which ones, if any, we are going to use in our outdoor time.

Better yet, we can listen to the questions that arise from our children as we go about our nature study time together. Take those questions and help your children find the answers….at first with help but then as they mature in their abilities, to find the answer themselves.

Thanks Angie for sharing your thoughts on this section.

Also, Phyllis wanted me to mention again on this blog that the hardcover edition of this book on is abridged and the graphics are of poor quality.

I always recommend the paperback edition of this book if you are going to buy one for your family. Save yourself some money and frustration and DO NOT get the book with the cute little squirrel on the front.

Buy the paperback edition with the butterfly!

5 thoughts on “It’s All About the Questions! Also HNS Hardcover vs. Paperback Editions

  1. I got my Handbook of Nature Study from my husband for Christmas and I can’t wait to do more in it! I had been using the downloadable version and didn’t like it. I love the feel and smell of a book!

  2. Wow, Phyllis and I mentioned together in one post. I’ll have to deflate my head so it will fit on my pillow tonight. . . . Thanks for the shout out. This has been the year of learning how to ask questions, instead of just giving answers. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the heads up about the hc vs. pb versions of the book! The Lord was watching out for me, and when I purchased the book, I got the pb., not realizing that it was better! I’ll be sure to share that information with my fellow homeschoolers and blog readers!

  4. Do you have any input on the 2010 paperback edition on amazon (the one with the spider webs). Is that abridged as well? Is the information updated?

  5. What is the ISBN on the one with the spider web? I don’t see it listed on Amazon or maybe I am just missing it.

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