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Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival – April Edition

Outdoor Hour Challenge April 2014 @handbookofnaturestudy

I know that this has been a month of transition here on the Handbook of Nature Study. Please be aware that I have heard and tried to respond to every email and comment from readers, keeping up has been a big job but I value your thoughts and hope to clear up any questions you have as time goes by. The core of this blog is the Outdoor Hour Challenge and that will remain the core for the next few years as we finish up our work in the Handbook of Nature Study. There will be lots of new challenges starting this coming September (posted to the Ultimate Naturalist Library during August 2014.)

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Keep sending in your nature study blog entries for the carnival! It is always such a joy for me to read and then share with everyone else the ideas and experiences that each contributing family has during their month of nature study activity with the Outdoor Hour Challenge.

Here are our family’s entries just in case you missed them this month:

Be inspired. Be encouraged. Get outdoors!

Pond UK
Photo Credit: Janet from Pursuing Joy in the Journey

Spring Bird Observations

Janet from Pursuing Joy in the Journey would love for you to see their Spring Birds at a local pond there in the UK. What a beautiful place to take some time to observe the springtime birds. She also submits there Garden Birds entry along with some images of their nature journals. Excellent!

Kerry from Keeping Up With The Kordish’s shares their Spring Bird entry with you. They observed an early spring Red-Wing Blackbird and then created some journal entries.

Barbara from The Schoolhouse on the Prairie has submitted their Birds in Our Backyard post with the carnival. You are going to LOVE their bird drawings this month!

Photo Credit-Lisa at Pilgrims at Tinker Creek

Spring Wildflowers and Dandelions

Alex from Life on a Canadian Island has a wonderful entry for you to enjoy: Signs of Spring – Crocus. She has some beautiful images and a few thoughts from the Handbook of Nature Study.

Michelle from Following Footprints shares their Outdoor Hours  in April entry with the carnival. They studied dandelions, took a nature walk, and found some turtles. make sure to see their nature journal entries!

Lisa from Pilgrims at Tinker Creek would love for you to take a look at their Dandelions entry. This entry will make you feel the spring time goodness with its dandelions and violets. They also have some wonderful nature journal examples.

cattail UK
Photo Credit: Shirley at Under An English Sky

Spring Cattail Observations

Shirley from Under an English Sky has started a year-long study of cattails. See their entry for a great start to their observations: OHC Spring Cattail.

Kerry from Keeping Up With The Kordish’s shares their image of their local cattails.

Spring Apple Tree Bud
Our Backyard Apple Tree – Lovely Buds and New Leaves

Spring Apple Tree

Kerry from Keeping Up With The Kordish’s has submitted their entry, Apple Tree, for you to enjoy. They have buds and are hoping for blossoms soon.

Photo Credit: Shirley at Under an English Sky.
Planning using the Outdoor Hour Challenge and the Handbook of Nature Study


Planning Our Nature Study With the Outdoor Hour Challenge Newsletter: Shirley shares her wonderful post outlining specifics of using the Handbook of Nature Study newsletter and the OHC in her family. Excellent adapting to fit their needs and location.

Window Nature Study – April: Alex shares the next installment of her monthly window nature study…showing a bit of a sign of spring!

Kerry from Keeping Up With The Kordish’s has submitted their Nature Study April entry with the carnival. They have had a snowy month still but they did manage to fit in some outdoor time. Take a look at her awesome images.

Nature Notebook April 2014: Carol from Journey and Destination shares their natural surroundings with some fantastic images from their nature walks.

Outdoor Hour Challenge #1- A Springtime Walk: Heather shares their “signs of spring” which look more like “signs of winter”. Hopefully they will see warmer temperatures and far less snow this month!

Nature Walks-Taking Learning Outside with Charlotte Mason: LaToya would love for you to take a glimpse into their world this month, trying to make regular nature study a part of their week.
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Don’t forget to share your blog entries with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival. All entries done in May are eligible for the next edition. The deadline for entries is 5/30/14 and you can send them directly to me: or submit them at the blog carnival site (link on the sidebar of my blog).

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