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Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival – October 2014

OHC Blog Carnival

October is a month of changes and far fewer chances for me to get outdoors..usually. This month we had ample opportunity to spend long days hiking and soaking in sunshine. My usual autumn blues have been kept at bay with activity to fill me up on the inside, gently easing into November and all its autumn-ness.

Thanks for sharing all your entries with the blog carnival this month since it is always fun to glimpse into your world too!

Our family’s October entries from this month’s study (in case you missed one):

Photo Credit: Barbara from Schoolhouse on the Prairie

Ash Tree, Witch Hazel, and Sumac Studies

Barbara from Schoolhouse on the Prairie has submitted their entry: October Challenges. They had some hawk observations, sumac study, and more.

Shirley from Under an English Sky also would love for you to pop over and see their OHC Sumac Shrub entry. They were able to find and identify this subject because of the OHC! Check out their lovely journals too.


Nature Journal from Michelle
Photo Credit: Michelle from Following Footprints


Kerry from Keeping Up With The Kordishes has submitted their Hemlock Nature Study entry for you to enjoy. Lovely images! They also have another tree entry for you to look at: Elm Tree.  You will enjoy seeing their Fall Color Walk images.

Michelle from Following Footprints shares their Walking Among The Autumn Trees entry (their Fall Tree Grid) to this edition of the carnival.

Teasel Journal from Angie
Photo Credit: Angie from Petra School

Angie from Petra School shares their OHC Teasel Study this month. They completed their study with observations and journals…two different styles. Take a look!

Janet from Pursuing Joy in the Journey would love for you to hop over and read their two entries this month: Chillis and Nature Journals and also Wildflowers in the Park. So many pretty flowers and some elderberries too!

Carol from Journey and Destination shares a beautiful and interesting entry with the carnival: Outdoor Hour-Nature Study at the Beach. What a wonderful glimpse into their world.

Anne from Harvest Moon By Hand would love for you to view their nature study entries from October: Poison Ivy, Burdock, and Thistle. My favorite? The Burdock entry!

Janet from Pursuing Joy in the Journey has submitted their interesting entry: Recording Local Wildlife.

Angie from Petra School has submitted the entry First Heavy Rain – Mushroom Hunt for you to view and enjoy. I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing entry with all its great fungi! Wishing I had been along with them.


Be inspired. Be encouraged. Get outdoors!

OHC Blog Carnival

Don’t forget to share your blog entries with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival. All entries done in November are eligible for the next edition. The deadline for entries is 11/29/14 and you can send them directly to me:

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