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Outdoor Hour Challenge Newsletter – November 2011 Edition

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Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter
Companion to the Outdoor Hour Challenges
Supporting a Global Community in Their Nature Study

I have attached the newsletter download link to the bottom of my blog feed so if you are a subscriber you will receive the link to the latest newsletter at the bottom of every post for the month of November. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can still subscribe and receive the newsletter in the next post that comes to your email box. You can subscribe on my blog by filling in your email address in the subscription box on my sidebar.

Make sure to click and save the newsletter link from the email for future reference.

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The OHC Newsletter is a companion to the Outdoor Hour Challenges that are posted here on the blog every Friday. There are special printable activities, additional links and ideas, as well as articles and photos from a variety of OHC participants. I invite everyone to subscribe and get the newsletter each month in your inbox.

If you have trouble getting the Newsletter to download, try right clicking the link, save the link, and then open it.  (The link is in the email and not in this blog post.)

Edit to add: I am not going to be archiving the newsletters at this point. You will need to SAVE the FILE on your computer each month if you want to save back issues. I will try to Tweet and post on Facebook a reminder to download and save the file at the end of each month so  you will have them for future reference. (You can follow my Twitter or Facebook page by clicking to the blog sidebar and clicking the appropriate buttons.)

Another edit: The link will be attached to every post for the whole month of November….so if you subscribed, you should get the next entry with the link.

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8 thoughts on “Outdoor Hour Challenge Newsletter – November 2011 Edition

  1. When I follow the link to download I just keep getting a blank page. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!

  2. Right click the link, do a “save the link”, then try to open it. 🙂

    Should work for you that way. It is a browser issue.

  3. Hi… I was not able to load the file either. It doesn’t seem to link to anything but a single image.

  4. Monica,

    Are you clicking the link in your email? The image in this blog post is not the link. The link will be at the bottom of every post you receive in the month of November.

  5. Barb, I bookmarked the link for the Nov. newsletter. But, when I tried to bookmark the Oct. newsletter, I only got an error page–I couldn’t view the Oct NL. Do we need to print out the newsletter for the month, so we don’t lose it, or am I doing something wrong as far as saving the link?

  6. Sydni,

    I am not archiving the links at this time so you will need to SAVE the FILE on your computer for future use.

  7. i signed up on the first but did not receive an email for the November newsletter. can i still get that?

  8. The link will come in every post email for the whole month of November. I just haven’t finished another post yet….later today.

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