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Outdoor Hour Challenge – Spring Ant Study

Ant Nature Study

Outdoor Hour Challenge:

Every day we pass by ants, not noticing them in their busy ways. This week try to slow down and look for some ants in your yard, perhaps under a rock, in a crack in the sidewalk, or on a plant. Find a way to make this fun for your children. Invite them to open their eyes and to look carefully.

Use the ideas in this challenge from the past to get you going: Spring Series #10: Ants.

You can also use the Nature Journal Topper from the May 2014 newsletter to inspire a fun ant related nature study and journal entry.

If you have access to the new printables as part of your membership to this site, there is a new printable sheet with Insect Nature Table and Learning Style ideas for you to print out.

Special Activity:

Make a model of an ant out of clay or Sculpey. Make sure to depict the three body parts of the ant: head, thorax, and abdomen. There is a great video to show you how to do this with clay and wire.

How to Build a Model of an Ant on

Getting Started Suggestion:

If you already own the Getting Started ebook, complete Outdoor Hour Challenge #3.  Use the suggestions in this challenge to make some ant observations and then follow up with a drawing activity for your nature journal. Here is a link to help with drawing an ant: How To Draw an Ant-Step by Step.

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2 thoughts on “Outdoor Hour Challenge – Spring Ant Study

  1. I am going to do this soon with my kids. Yesterday we saw some ants, and we had already planned on looking on your site for ant info. We are putting together our ant farm (yard sale find never yet used by us) this weekend. Yesterday the ants were trying to carry a fairly large beetle off the sidewalk! Thanks for the excellent ideas! We’ve been using your site to get ideas for how to study the various things we find while out on nature walks.

    1. I am so glad you are finding the website useful for your specific nature study needs. I hope you have a wonderful ant study!

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