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Outdoor Hour Challenge – Summer Evening Primrose Flower Study

Outdoor Hour Challenge Evening Primrose @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Evening Primrose Nature Study or Another Night Blooming Flower

From the Archives and from the Summer Nature Study ebook


This week’s challenge is one that we originally had a hard time completing. But, because we prepared ahead of time and were patient, when the opportunity arose to see evening primrose during a hike, we could identify it and enjoy seeing it in person. It really is a very pretty flower!

Evening Primrose


Do some research and see if you have evening primrose in your area. If not, use the information in the archived challenge to learn about another night blooming flower like moonflower or Four-O-Clocks.

I wrote an entry about planting seeds in my garden to have some of my very own night blooming flowers: Night Blooming Flowers.

Four Oclocks



Outdoor Hour Challenge Summer Using Your Senses

Join us for this exciting series of nature study topics as we work through the Summer Nature Study – Using Your Senses ebook.

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Ultimate Naturalist Library September 2017 @handbookofnaturestudy



2 thoughts on “Outdoor Hour Challenge – Summer Evening Primrose Flower Study

  1. Evening Primrose is part of a family of herbaceous plants native to the Americas (always nice to see common native plants out there). It has spread to many parts of the world in this age of global travel.

  2. That’s a beautiful flower!

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