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Outdoor Hour Challenge – Summer Tree Fun

Summer Tree Study @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge: Summer Tree or a Continuing Year-Long Tree Study

Use the ideas in this challenge from the archives (Summer Series 2010) to take a look at a tree in the summer season: Summer Tree Observations. 

This challenge helps you use all of your senses to really get to know a tree in your yard or neighborhood.

Special Activity: Tree Projects


Four Seasons Photo Project – Use the ideas and printables in this challenge to start or continue your Four Seasons Photo Project.

A Year Long Tree Study – This post includes lots of tree study ideas for each season.

Getting Started Suggestion:

If you already own the Getting Started ebook, complete Outdoor Hour Challenge #5. Take the opportunity this week/month to start a running list of trees in your local area. Keep a list in your nature journal or use the notebooking page in the ebook to get started with this long-term project (in the back of the ebook). 

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