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Outdoor Hour Challenge – Winter Insect Hunt


Outdoor Hour Challenge

Winter Insect Hunt

From the Archives and the Winter Wednesday ebook

The first time we completed this challenge we lived in California where there was no snow, ice, or frozen ground. Now, in our new Central Oregon habitat it will be interesting to see what we discover using the ideas in the challenge linked above for an insect study in the middle of winter.

Use the ideas from the challenge if possible, but always take your fifteen minutes outside to be refreshed and look for something to observe whether it’s the topic of the week or not! If all else fails, get your insect field guide out and enjoy paging through to find an insect to learn more about in anticipation of a future sighting.  You can find all of the insect nature study challenges on this page: Outdoor Hour Challenges – Insects.

If you’re interested in seeing how our family completed this challenge way back in time, here’s a blog entry from the archives: Our Winter Insect Study. 

If you have access to the Winter Wednesday ebook in the Ultimate Naturalist Library, there’s a custom notebook page available to use as a follow up to your nature study.

Winter Wednesday ebook NOtebook pages

Join us for the Winter Wednesday series of challenges here every FRIDAY. You can find them under the winter tab on the blog or if you have an Ultimate Naturalist Library membership, you can find the ebook there for downloading.

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1 Outdoor Hour Challenge Oct 17 to Aug 18 PlansJoin us in our weekly nature study using the Outdoor Hour Challenge: October 2017 through August 2018 Plans.

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