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Photo Recap – November 2014


Nature Photo of The Week
We had a great month getting outside and enjoying our autumn color. This year in our neighborhood we had blazing colors…more than any other year in our memory.

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Here are my entries for the month of November…

1 Hawaii Nov 14  (42)

Fish: A classic fish found in ponds all over the place but these had some beautiful water lilies blooming in their water. I also love the reflection of the palm trees in the water’s surface.

1 Hawaii Nov 14  (84)

Feather: These are such amazing birds that we saw on our trip. Look at those feathers on their heads! They are some variety of African crane.

Here’s what I have left….

Crystals, cold, refreshing, energy, bubbly, sparkle, self-portrait, Just do it!

I am really going to need to get myself motivated to get these images done before the end of the year!



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  1. That is a crowned crane, beautiful bird found in East AFrica. it’s actually on the Ugandan flag as well, though they’re far more beautiful in reality (than simplified on the flag):

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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