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Read About My Nature Study Goals 2020


Nature Study Goals 2020

I started thinking on my new nature study goals about a month ago when I was in the thick of packing up my mother-in-law’s belongings so she could move to Oregon to be nearer to us. It brought into focus for me what is truly important in my life and what brings me happiness and contentment. It was clear that “things” are not my focus but rather making memories, keeping a sense of adventure about the world, and continuing to learn about the creation that I see in my everyday life.

With that experience and insight fresh in my mind, I made a new list of nature study goals for 2020.

  1. Keep a nature journal.
  2. Add to our backyard habitat. We are thinking of adding a water feature!
  3. Take local hikes.
  4. Make notes in my field guides. I love it when I turn to a page in my field guide and I’ve written the date of an observation or a location of a sighting.
  5. Continue to participate in Project Feederwatch and the Great Backyard Bird Count.
  6. Visit a new national park

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4 thoughts on “Read About My Nature Study Goals 2020

  1. Barbara – I’m sorry to hear about your hectic 2019! But one of the things it proves is that nature studies can be done fully and lovingly in the midst of everyday life, no matter what is happening. You show that by example.

    I love the simplicity of your goals – within them is the potential for surprise and amazing discoveries every day, along with viewing “regulars” (common trees and birds) and delighting in connecting with those old friends.

    I hope the coming year is easy and fun, and I wish you lots of time in nature. – Diana

    1. Thanks Diana. Yes, I would sometimes force myself to get outside even for a short walk in the middle of emotional upheaval and physical tiredness. I always felt better afterwards. My goals this year seem reachable. Thank you again for your sweet comment.

  2. Oh my goodness Barb! Your sentiments echo my own. My goals are simple to…to be consistent in keeping my nature journal, to make time to be out in nature which seems a little more tricky since our homeschool journey reached its end and to most definitely continue to be observant of the every day seasonal gifts that nature offers up. I’m so glad to hear your mum-in-law is closer…family is everything

    1. Hi Shirley Ann, I know your life has had many changes as well. Time spent in nature is the balance and the sanity when life seems a little overwhelming. Thank you for being such a loyal reader and friend. 🙂

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