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Renee’s Garden Seeds 2017


Renees Garden Seeds @handbookofnaturestudy

Renee’s Garden Seeds

When the package arrives each spring from Renee’s Garden, I get a little thrill! Seeing that envelope in my mailbox reminds me that garden time is just around the corner. I ordered my seeds before I knew we would sell our house so a few of the selections may not grow so well in my new climate zone.

Renees Seed Packets

I will be sharing my seeds with friends instead. This way I can still see how they perform and I won’t be sad that the seeds are going to waste.

Renees Garden Seeds 2017 @handbookofnaturestudy


Here is what I ordered this year (free from Renee’s in return for my sharing our results).

Old Favorites:

Pixie Sunshine Container Zinnias

Astia Container Zucchini

Classic Slenderette Bush Beans

Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Baby Belle Mini Snack Peppers

Watercolor Silks Container Dahlias

Snow Sonata White Cosmos

Heirloom Chocolate Daisy

New to Me:

Bee Heaven Container Salvia

Pepperbox Poppy Heirloom Herbs

Summer Splash Marigolds

My current garden is in climate zone 8A and my new climate zone is 5A. Big difference!

“According to our data, you have a very, very short growing season.”

The National Gardening Association

Yep, 53 days for a growing season is very short! We will not be trying to grow things like tomatoes or peppers unless we create a greenhouse sometime in the future. I am told there is a very nice Farmer’s Market in our new area that I can visit to get loads of fresh veggies. I think that is a much better strategy for 2017.

garden renees sunflower august 2016 (5)

I will look at creating a new garden as a challenge. If you have any experience with growing a vegetable garden with a really short growing season, I would love to hear your comments.

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