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Night Walks with the Kona Dog and her Safe Glow Dog Collar

This is a different sort of post, the one in which Kona gets a new dog collar to review….Safe Glow LED dog collar from When I was contacted about doing a review of this product, I wasn’t sure it was exactly something that our family would use with Kona. I talked it over with the men and they reminded me that they frequently take Kona for walks at dusk and after dark. We decided to give it a try since if it worked well it would make our nighttime dog walks much safer. Being visible along the road in the dark is something that we should all be concerned about.

Because of our busy schedules, Kona many times gets her walk after her fire fighter owner (my dog-loving husband) gets off his shift and that means it is almost dark. We live in a rather rural area and part of their regular walking route is actually on the shoulder of a very busy highway. With the Safe Glow collar on and illuminated, on-coming traffic can easily see our dog at the side of the road. No more close calls with cars too near the shoulder!

The collar has built into it a lighting system that you can switch on and it glows rather brightly. There are three settings for the lighted collar and our family has named them with descriptive names.

  • Flasher – just like it sounds the light flashes to draw attention
  • Disco Strobe – this one is a little faster flash and the one we usually set it on
  • Night Glow – steady glowing light

Some Quick Points to Note

  • Our collar is yellow and the light illuminates in yellow but there are a variety of colors available.
  • The collar comes in three sizes and for Kona we chose the large size for a perfect fit.
  • The collar uses a battery that can be found at most retailers.
  • The clasp is sturdy and the collar is very well made.
  • The price is $24.95 from the and that is not too high a price to pay for the safety of our doggie best friend.

Because Kona is a big Labrador retriever and she has a tendency to pull us on walks if she is excited, we decided to not use the Safe Glow dog collar as the main collar when we use a leash. We hook the leash to her regular collar and add the Safe Glow dog collar as a safety item. She doesn’t seem to mind wearing two collars and now when she sees us coming with the Safe Glow collar in hand she knows it is time to get excited for her walk. The collar is not waterproof but this will not be a problem for our water-loving dog since we remove it after each nighttime walk.

I expect that we will be using it for a very long time. This is a product that I am glad we were introduced to and I am reassured that the Safe Glow dog collar adds a level of safety for our Kona dog and her human companion during any nighttime walks.


Kona says two paws up for this product but I am thinking she just likes all the extra walks she gets now.

(Photo credit goes to my son Daniel for his awesome image of Kona at the river!)

Edit to add: I received the Safe Glow LED Dog Collar in exchange for a fair and honest review. There was no other compensation received.

3 thoughts on “Night Walks with the Kona Dog and her Safe Glow Dog Collar

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to look into these….where we’re moving there are hunters who sneak illegally onto our property and I live in fear that the dogs will be shot by accident. Hard to imagine that happening with a glowing collar, since most deer aren’t likely to have one. 🙂

  2. I reviewed the dog collar as well. I was very impressed and so glad to have found it.

    Great review!

  3. Thank for sharing this post. i really loved this blog. last month i bought a glow dog collar .Thanks for giving me knowledge related to this product. I found some of the tips very useful. My friend also got an glow dog collar from your organisation.

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