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Sea Lions in the Morning

Here is one of my nature journal entries from the week we were gone:

Oregon Coast Trip

I felt like a little kid today. The excitement of seeing something new and interesting always makes me feel young again.

Our morning drive brought us to a spot along the Oregon Coast where you can stop and look over a place called Shell Island.

As we opened the door and got out, we all could immediately hear barking…not a dog’s bark but a sea lion’s bark.

The islands were covered with California sea lions, Stellar Sea Lions, and Harbor Seals,. Thousands of animals were relaxing, playing, and swimming in and around the islands. We were there a long time looking through our binoculars at their antics.

They are so awkward on land but very graceful in the water.

Another great day related to our study of marine biology.

I am hoping you can click the photos and have a good look at these creatures.

5 thoughts on “Sea Lions in the Morning

  1. Wow, Barb, that is so neat! Thanks so much for sharing those pics and your thoughts.

  2. They are so amazing, no? On our trip I mentioned before, we went kayaking and the seals kept coming up to the kayak and I kept saying the James, “Keep your hands out of the water!” He was only just 5 (I think) and wasn’t quite getting that petting was out of the question!

  3. What a beautiful trip! It makes me long for the coast… Thanks for sharing.

  4. As a transplanted Califonian this may be one of the first time I’ve heard an Oregonian welcome Californians to the beach! I must admit the seals are better dressed… I must also admit the amazing beauty in your pictures is one of the things I miss about the west coast. When we go back to visit family we are going to drive up HWY1 hopefully we will get to see the seals too. I Love your blog it’s inspirational…

  5. WOW!!! How neat! What an expreience! I want to go see the sea lions now. 🙂 Isn’t it neat to experience something new? I saw my first ever real fall this past week!!! It was beautiful!

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