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Spring Nature Study Ideas and Reminders

 Seasonal Topics - Spring Reminders @handbookofnaturestudy

Here are some ideas from year-long nature study topics we’ve done in the past:

Spring Weather Observations – free printable notebook page

Spring Splendor Walk – spring nature walk scavenger hunt

Signs of Spring – Outdoor Hour Challenge – printable notebook page

Spring Bird Observations – free printable bird list

Seasonal Cattail Study – with free printable

Seasonal Milkweed Study – with free printable notebook page

Year-Long Pond Study – with a free printable notebook page

Year-Long Queen Anne’s Lace Study and a free printable notebook page

Burdock Study – start a year-long study

NOTE: You may wish to start a new year-long study this spring using some of the ideas above. Spring is a wonderful beginning, so take advantage of the opportunity and season.

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