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Summer Nature Study Ebooks

Summer Nature Study with the Outdoor Hour Challenge

It’s coming soon! Summer!

I have just finished editing and updating all three of the summer themed nature study ebooks. These ebooks contain 31 nature study topics for you to choose from over your summer break. This is the time of year that you may have some time available for getting outdoors with your children to enjoy the summer season without distractions. Click the links below to see the specific topics to choose from in each book. Along with the challenge, there are custom notebooking pages for each topic which will make your life easier if you are interested in keeping a nature journal.

Summer Nature Study Continues

More Nature Study – Summer

Summer Nature Study- Using Your Senses


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If you’re new to the Outdoor Hour Challenge, you can find all three of the ebooks in the Ultimate Naturalist Library membership. (See below for a discount code to use with your purchase!)

I’ll list the summer themed ebooks below and if you want to click over to see the specific topics covered, you can easily do that by clicking the book title.

Summer Nature Study Ebooks Available

Summer Nature Study

More Summer Nature Study

Summer Nature Study Continues

Outdoor Hour Challenge Summer Nature Study Ideas Index @handbookofnaturestudy

For a complete list of summer season nature study topics, you can click the summer tab at the top of the website.


Use the discount code SUMMER5 for $5 off your Ultimate Naturalist Library membership.


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If you’d like to have access to all of the summer ebooks, you’ll find them in the Ultimate Naturalist Library membership.

In addition to the summer books, there are 16 additional nature study ebooks in this membership.


OHC Plan 18 to 19 Join Us

This year we’re going to cover the four series noted in the graphic above: Autumn 2009, Winter Series 2010, Garden Flowers and Plants, and More Nature Study – Summer. Click the graphic to read more about the year’s plan.


2 thoughts on “Summer Nature Study Ebooks

  1. Just a quick question.
    I’ve enjoyed your blog and my kids are finally (;)) old enough to try some of these outdoor challenges.
    If I’m interested in the Ultimate Membership for $45, Is it best for me to go ahead and join now and start in the summer or wait until Sept. when you release the outdoor challenge for Sept. – 2019 – August 2020? Thanks!!

    1. I would definitely join now so you can enjoy your membership over the summer. You could spend a little time downloading any of the ebooks you think you may want in the future. Then, I will be releasing the 19-20 schedule sometime in June and you can make plans for next year. Make sure you use the NATURE5 discount code to get $5 off your membership. Welcome!

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