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Summer Weather Observations 2011 – Can You Say HOT?

As part of the July Newsletter Summer Weather Challenge, we looked back to the Summer Series Weather Observation Challenge from last year.

Roses Summer
Our roses love the heat and this is our Disneyland Rose…sweet fragrance.

July weather is always hot but this year we have had alternating weeks of HOT and then cooling off to the 80’s. It makes for a nice mix of summer weather. The garden likes the heat but once the temperatures heat up we need to water our garden everyday. We don’t get much in the way of rain in the months of July and August and our heat does not bring any humidity with it.

Mullein Summer
The mullein this year is really TALL.

The nights are cool so we can expect to have cool breezes sometime in the night that are our natural air conditioning. We do most of our cooking outdoors this time of year, either on the grill or our outdoor oven. This keeps the kitchen cooler and we don’t have to run the a/c.

Front Yard Butterfly Bush and Yarrow Summer
The yarrow, lavender, and butterfly bushes are full of bees.

We decided to complete these two activities from last year’s challenge:

  • 1. Use some of your outdoor time to take temperature readings on your thermometer at sunrise (or early morning), noon, and then again at sunset. Record these temperatures, making comparisons. You can also use your outdoor time to use the suggested observations using your senses as noted in the box above.
  • 2. Get up early and watch the sunrise. Note the place where the sunrises by observing something on the horizon such as a tree, a building, a mountain, or something else that can serve as a landmark for the sunrise. Do the same thing at sundown, finding a landmark to note.

Here are our statistics.
6 AM 59 degrees and 76% humidity
Noon 74 degrees and 52% humidity
4 PM 83 degrees and 32% humidity

Sunrise at 5:53 AM and Sunset at 8:25 PM

Don’t forget to make your own Summer Weather Observations and submit your entry to the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival.

4 thoughts on “Summer Weather Observations 2011 – Can You Say HOT?

  1. We have been watching the thermometer just for fun. I should write it down! We noted that it was 80 degrees at 9:00 am and by 9:30, it had already gone up 4 degrees!

  2. I am so envious of your temperatures. What I wouldn’t give for those numbers. We’re baking here in the Midwest and looking longingly towards autumn. In fact my friend’s husband baked chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard of their closed car. After about 6 hours he had delicious, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, perfect cookies. How’s that for outdoor cooking?

  3. It’s funny to see your humidity level drop as the day goes on. 76% is pretty high. We have had almost 80% humidity and high 90’s for temps. It feels over 100 here!! We have to water everyday or everything wilts. yikes.

  4. I have never heard of a Disneyland rose! Sounds and looks magical 🙂 Natural air conditioning is what we enjoy on fall evenings. The summer humidity keeps us leaving the air conditioning on. But we have been blessed with afternoon thunderstorms to cool off our 104 heat index days. I can just imagine you grilling your supper and enjoying your cool evening breezes!

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