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Tree Silhouettes and a New Hike

The shapes of trees have inspired me of late to try some brush painting…don’t they just look like they should be sketched with black ink on blue paper? This particular tree is a very large oak along a new to me trail that we tried out yesterday. It is on the opposite side of the river canyon from “our” trail that we take pretty much every afternoon. This side is the sunny side of the canyon and it has a totally different feel and look about it.

This is some sort of pine and we decided we would call it the “V Tree” since it has the very distinct V in the trunk at the top. Yes, once again we got a late start and the sun was beginning to set on us. It is such a great time to be out in the woods.

This is a rather steep trail from the canyon rim down to the American River. This view is right at the top as you start descending and you can see the river’s bend at Chili Bar. There is a quarry in the background…ugly huh? But the river here at the bridge is the start for river rafting trips that descend down the river and end at Salmon Falls or Folsom Lake. As the crow flies, this is about a mile from my front door….I live on the ridge on the opposite side from where I am standing. We forgot our GPS or I would tell you exactly how far it is.

Here is a little flat section of the way down where we stopped to enjoy the view. The trail has burst out in lots of green. This particular hike my husband does a couple times a week with a co-worker on his way to his day’s work. He does it in full uniform with his heavy boots on for his morning workout. It is a tough climb out of the canyon.

Holes are all up and down the slopes and I am pretty sure they must be gophers. If you venture off the path at all, you sink down in all the holes. Kona had to stick her nose down every hole she could find so she was very busy and had a very dirty nose when we finished.

Here is the only blooming flower we saw along the trail and there was only one flower blooming…the first of the season’s buttercups. I spotted it right away and had to scurry off the trail to get a photo.

Here is the view when you get to the bottom of the canyon. Someday I would like to bring a picnic and my sketchbook and spend some time drinking in all this beauty, maybe meditate a bit on the gifts of the Creator has given us. I imagine in the summertime you do not have this clear of a view of the river once all the trees push out their leaves. We could finish the last little bit down the slope and put our toes in the water if we were hot….a welcome relief in the summertime my husband informs me. He promises to hike down here again with me in the near future when the wildflowers are blooming and the newts are out.

I will post our official tree silhouette entry later in the week.

PS Here is a video that you can watch the artist paint from start to finish…

6 thoughts on “Tree Silhouettes and a New Hike

  1. My dd and I just watched the video and were amazed how the artist drew something that looks so real! AMAZING! Thanks for sharing.


  2. On our favorite trail, I look for a particular tree silhouette every time. It’s like an old friend. I think I’ll try painting it on blue paper like the tutorial. Thank you

  3. This is the first year of my life that I have truly enjoyed trees in the winter time. They are so beautiful, especially against a gorgeous orange sunset. I thing I just couldn’t “see” them before until last year I learned that I can paint. That is also why I love your blog so much. I teaches us to truly see all that God has created. Thanks so much.

  4. This was such a beautiful, inspiring post-my girls are outside right now, and I’m going to join them with a sketch book!

    Thanks for getting us in the mood-trees are so beautiful, and so is Vivaldi’s music.



  5. Im going to have the kids watch this today, Good example! Thank you – its nice to see someone paint for a change, rather then look at illustrations in a book. Brenda @

  6. Oooh! That first tree silouette reminds me of a fractal in the way the branches… well, branch out. =D

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