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Tweet and See – Delighted With Our May Bird List

5 26 11 Hummingbird in Feeder
We can stand inches from the feeders and the hummingbirds still come to eat.

May 2011- This list is testimony that keeping a list makes you more aware of the birds as you go about your everyday business. I started off the month thinking that our feeders were empty and that most of our resident birds were gone. But….when I slowed down, wrote down each bird that I saw each day, the list is full and rich and even includes a new bird to our life list. I love the mental exercise of keeping track of the birds we see and it makes me more aware of each winged creature that we saw during the month.

We are leaning towards studying our backyard hummingbirds for our June bird since they are such a willing subject. You can join us with a hummingbird study by clicking over to the Outdoor Hour Challenge for Hummingbirds and Flight.

Hummer in tree (3)

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From Our Backyard

  1. Western scrub jay
  2. White-crowned sparrows
  3. Anna’s hummingbird-Resident hummers are all over the place right now!
  4. Common raven
  5. Black-headed Grosbeak* Our new bird that we first observed on the trail and then at our very own feeders!
  6. Red-tail hawk
  7. Turkey vultures
  8. Mourning doves
  9. Great horned owl *Mr. A was up early one morning outside and he called me out to listen to two owls
  10. House finches – Sweet singers in our yard
  11. White-breasted nuthatch
  12. California quail-A pair in our backyard…not usually seen so close to home. Lots as we drive around town.
  13. American crow
  14. Canada goose
  15. Acorn woodpecker- swings from the suet feeder like an acrobat
  16. Lesser goldfinches – so brilliant and yellow right now… the feeders and the birdbath
  17. House sparrows
  18. Oak titmouse
  19. California towhee
  20. Starlings
  21. American robin – another bird bath participant

Hummer in tree (2)
Out and About

  1. Brewer’s blackbird
  2. Tree swallows
  3. Wild turkeys – whole flocks
  4. Spotted towhee
  5. Red-wing blackbird
  6. Mallard ducks
  7. White Goose….not sure what the name is yet.
  8. Rock pigeons
  9. Emu – sort of a crazy bird to add but we did see several, obviously not native….neighbor has a few

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Hummer in the Feeder Flying

Hummer in the Feeder Still

6 thoughts on “Tweet and See – Delighted With Our May Bird List

  1. I might have to join you on the hummingbird study, even though we are not technically doing school this summer. My little two are avid birdwatchers and our hummingbird feeder outside our dining window is a constant bed of activity!

    BTW … LOVE the monthly activity calendar for June!

  2. I really love this idea of keeping a list and participating in “Tweet and See”. I just haven’t gotten to it yet. We do love to watch birds here at our house!

  3. I need to hang our feeder in a spot that I can see! The little guys seem to like the farthest perch to drink out of, which is out of the line – of – sight for my camera. Our “hummingbird tree” is in full bloom right now, and I can usually just sit in my car or on the yard and watch it fill with birds. I love summer. ;)Disclaimer, I have no idea what type of flowering bush it is, it is a bushy tree, full of pink flowers. 😉

  4. Thanks Barb, I never even got my tweet and see linked with May’s blogroll:( Thanks for reminding me to get the hummer feeder out and going! I LOVE the June newsletter thanks for all the work:)

  5. What a great idea! Thank you! I will definitely be buying more feeders … it is certain we’ll be adding more birds to our life list as we get settled in Northern California. 🙂

  6. Great list and pictures! Thanks for sharing and for your comment at Birders. 😉

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