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What Would You Do If You Saw a Salamander?

What would you do if you saw a salamander?

I would study it and sketch it in my nature journal. But, I have lots of favorite bloggers who just might do something different! I invite you to get to know some of my blogging friends….this post is just a fun way to introduce you to them.

Simple Start in Chalk Pastels
Tricia would draw it with chalk pastels.

Jimmie's Collage homeschool blog
Jimmie would throw it a Twitter Party.

See Jamie Blog
Jamie would offer it a cup of tea.

Tonya would take it on a road trip.

Life on a Canadian Island
Alex would share it on Instagram.

Hearts and Trees Logo
Amanda would design a kit about it.

Maureen would make a printable about it.

Mary would build it a Lego house.

Debra would publish a notebooking page for it.

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
Kris would take it to Chick-Fil-A.

Petra School - Otis, OR
Angie would take it for a SUP ride.

Blog, She Wrote Button
Heather and her daughter would sew it a skirt.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite bloggers.

Now, what would you do if you saw a salamander?

14 thoughts on “What Would You Do If You Saw a Salamander?

  1. This is such a cute post and I am so thankful to be part of it! You have me completely right, I would share it on instagram 😉

  2. hahaha! That’s so great Barb! Thank you thank you for including us. When R emerges this morning, I’ll be sure to share this with her!

  3. Very creative! What a fun post.

  4. It was a fun post…Eva! You should have been on the list. I knew I would forget someone. 🙂

  5. {snort}

    I *would* take it to Chick-Fil-A…and buy it a sweet tea. LOL

  6. Too funny! Especially putting a skirt on it! Did you know that salamander’s “chirp”? We’ve had them in our basement. The first time I heard one, I thought a bird had gotten in some how. I searched all over for it and finally found out it was a salamander! 😀

  7. Ha! That’s so fun! I was just thinking of quite a few of these ladies this morning. We’ve done alot of nature observations, but not a lot of writing and photographs this summer. I am house sitting and got to watch a hummingbird up close for quite some time. Friendly fellow, but different colors than our house. Need to look it up, no camera of course. Lots of dragonflies. That Salamander would love a ride in our canoe or SUP board for sure!

  8. Actually – Ha – Funny thing, Last time we pulled out the inflatable canoe a small salamander was waiting inside of it!

  9. Oh what FUN!! And yes! yes! We would and we did draw a salamander in chalk pastels – and it is in our latest ebook! I absolutely loved this. Thanks and I love your salamander photo 🙂

  10. Hilarious! I’m cracking up at all these! We just caught a little blue-tailed skink (well, Kathryn did!) in the house the other day, and while we did catch it in a cup, I thought it was a bit too small for a cup of tea. 😉

  11. SO funny! We have several large salamanders living in our underground sprinkler system control boxes in the yard. I have no idea how they get in there but they like it just fine. Must be enough bugs to keep them fed because some of them are over 6″ long! We just leave them alone. 🙂

  12. Fantastic! I might throw it a party. I love those critters. 🙂 very clever meme here.

  13. Fantastic! I might throw it a party. I love those critters. 🙂 very clever meme here.

  14. If you give a homeschool family a salamander first they will look it up in a guide book, then they will call the Salamander hotline to schedule a night hike, then they will slog through vernal pools at with a naturalist leading the way. Then they will spend the few months checking under rocks and documenting how many species of salamanders they can find and telling their friends about vernal pools. And they will document it all on their blog because they’re cool like that.

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