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Winter Wednesday-Birds

Winter Wednesday
Week 8 Winter Birds

1. Read chapter eight in Discover Nature in Winter. If you do not already have a birdfeeder in your yard, you should pay extra attention to the pages showing how to make your own birdfeeders and the differences between the variety of seeds available. You may wish to read my Birdfeeders in Winter page for some additional tips.

2. Our family is going to complete the exploration suggestions on page 162. Since we already have a birdfeeder and a birdbath, we will be continuing our observation and identification of birds that visit each day. In addition, we will each pick one bird to study more in depth by finding a book at the library to glean information from for our particular bird. There is a custom notebooking page for this challenge in the Winter Wednesday ebook which is part of the Ultimate Naturalist Library.

For families wanting to participate that do not have the Discover Winter in Nature book, I will list a few simple nature study ideas that you can try with your family.
1. Hang a birdfeeder and observe the birds that visit over the period of a week.
2. Keep a tally of the different kinds of birds in your feeder.
3. Observe one species of bird for a week and then record in your nature journal the unique behaviors of that bird. For example: only eats seed from the ground, pecks at the seeds, perches and fluffs his feathers each time, chases other birds out of the feeder, only comes to feed in the early morning.

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  1. I will miss these Winter Wednesdays. Thank you

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