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2011 Spring Series – Signs of Spring

Spring nature study is like swinging open the doors and windows wide to a new world, a green world accented with yellow and pink.

A simple spring nature study starts as soon as you start to notice the changes around you. Your family can begin by noting the signs of spring in your part of the world. As always, I want to emphasize that my focus for any nature study plan is to encourage families to take a few minutes each week to go outdoors with their children and enjoy their own backyard and neighborhood.

Some signs to look for:

* Green grass/weeds in your garden or alongside roads
* Wildflowers-Dandelions, violets, or mustard
* Spring bulbs like crocus and jonquils
* Bird activity, migrating and nesting
* Warmer temperatures and more daylight
* Blooming trees like dogwood, cherry, or apple or perhaps your trees are budding out
* Insects return and activity
* Mud-look for animal tracks

  • Here is a printable notebook page for recording your Signs of Spring.
  • Here is a Spring Nature Walk Worksheet for you to use with your family. My daughter put this together a few years ago and it is a favorite for spring nature study in young families.
  • Here is last year’s Signs of Spring entry. I enjoyed reading through everyone’s 2010 entries.If you participated, it might be fun to compare this year with last year.
  • Have a great week and enjoy whatever weather you are having.


You may also be interested in my Spring Nature Study Ebooks!

Spring Series Cover

15 thoughts on “2011 Spring Series – Signs of Spring

  1. doing the happy dance since spring is here!!

  2. Me too, Heather! LOL We’re had SUCH great spring weather the last 2 days! I’m going to miss is when winter returns tomorrow! ((sighs)) But for now, the windows are open and fresh, cool air is flowing through the house, the birds are singing and the ducks quaking and the kids are chasing each other around the yard getting soaked.


  3. Yea… spring is here! The girls found their first dandelion in the yard too!

  4. We are seeing signs of spring all around! Looking forward to doing this challenge with Hope this week.

  5. I’d love to link up our “Signs of Spring” nature study, but it seems like the linky isn’t working.
    Here’s our link:
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  6. LOVE your forsythia photos! And here in the South, it’s not often we get to see daffodils in the snow, so it was fun to see yours (even tho’ I’m sure you are ready for the snow to be gone). I think we’ll do a dogwood study here, too – thanks for the idea!

  7. Thanks for the chance to see pictures of spring all around the country.
    Now getting ready for a nature walk with the kids (and printout in hand)!
    Thanks for all you do Barb!

  8. I too enjoyed your daffodils in the snow. What a true sign of spring. Just when you think winter is gone…
    Our study includes photos of our bird visitor from today.

  9. The children loved their “signs of spring” nature walk. brandon was so excited to find a Robin’s nest all on his own!! We will be filling out our spring worksheets tonight.

    Your signs of spring are so encouraging to see!!! Yippee! Spring has finally arrived.


  10. our fav was the Scavenger Hunt. Do you have one for each season or should I make them??

  11. hi barb, we took this walk on friday, the 11th. it was a lovely spring day. friday the 18th felt like summer! it was very warm. now it’s back to winter! but i know spring is really just hiding for a little while . .

  12. Barb, thanks so much for providing us with these wonderful nature challenges! Also, it’s so nice that you have created a place for everyone to leave a link to their nature blog so we can all read one another’s! It’s like being in a class together, although we are miles apart!

  13. The boys were thrilled at our spring finds. Thanks for the inspiration..

  14. Oops I posted mine in the wrong section. We are already warming up here in the desert, doing our backyard observations in the morning before it gets too hot. We’re going to do a nature walk today in the evening when it is cool enough again, and look for some desert blooms.

  15. Another oopsie — I think I posted my link on 2010’s…silly sally!
    Thank you for doing this – you are an amazing woman!!

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