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Early Spring Bulb Study: Watercolor Time

Daffodil journal with watercolors (15)

I started dreaming of spring bulbs blossoming way back in the fall. Although I didn’t feel like getting out and digging the holes and actually planting them, I knew that if we did there would be a springtime show of color.

Well here it comes!

Here is our Early Spring Flower entry for the last challenge of the Winter Series of Outdoor Hour Challenges.

Spring Bulbs 3 15 11

Our fall planted daffodils are adding splashes of yellow to our front yard. You might remember we did a complete remodel of our landscaping last summer/fall and we are just now starting to see the new plants getting green again. It is amazing to look out my front window and see how things are shaping up.

Daffodil 3 16 11

We have had lots of vases inside filled with daffodils….the new ones have rather large blooms.We can all clearly identify all the parts because of previously studying daffodils, including dissecting them. They are still an amazing flower to observe and to marvel at when you think that they come from a dried up old bulb you stick in the ground months ahead of time. They seem to know just when to start growing.

Back of a Daffodil 3 16 11

Don’t you think they are even lovely from the back?


We have jonquils blooming in the yard as well which smell heavenly.

Daffodil journal with watercolors (8)
Another watercolor nature journal today….this one was fun because I used paint splotches at the end to sort of fill in the page. I would love to know from my readers whether my nature journal entries encourage you or discourage you from doing some of your own pages. Leave me a comment or send me an email….

Daffodil journal with watercolors

I have enjoyed seeing your early spring flowers this week and it has recharged me to get going on the next series of spring challenges tomorrow. If you are still experiencing lots of snow and cold temperatures….be encouraged by those of us who are through to the other side of winter already.

8 thoughts on “Early Spring Bulb Study: Watercolor Time

  1. Oh, they absolutly encourage me. I just want to get out my watercolors now that I have seen it. I may not sketch as well, but it would be fun to try.

  2. How lovely! I’ve really been regretting not planting bulbs last fall. I love your journal page – thanks for sharing.

  3. LOVE this post!

    Beautiful journal entry and oh my those daffodils!

    I always enjoy seeing the daffodils bring sunshine to my day because it’s a sure reminder of warm weather.

    Your doing a great job with your camera!!!

  4. i’m really new to your blog and nature study in general and i find your notebook entries very inspiring.

  5. Thank you Phyllis, Nicole, Amanda, and Abigail,

    I appreciate the kind words and your thoughts on my sharing my nature journal. I try hard to make things I share encouraging and like they are within reach of all of us moms who are not terribly talented artistically but still want to be creative.

    Thanks again.

  6. Oh I wish I had seen this a few days ago…my MIL brought us over some daffodils from her yard, but now they are not looking so great. 🙂 I think we might have to go back to her house and “steal” a few more for an afternoon painting session!! Yours are LOVELY!

  7. Yes, it is amazing how that beauty comes from that dried up bulb. They are beautiful. I hope to scoop the ones up in my yard and divide them in the fall. Fill in even more!

    Your daffodils are the prize of your landscaping. And, I love seeing your journal entries. By golly I’m going to start one myself. I take photos of Nana teaching the children and the children sketching. Time to start doing it myself!

  8. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!! Yes, I’d love to get out some watercolors and paint some of the lovely spring flowers in our yard! I’ve got a busy weekend planned, but maybe one day next week I can do so! My son is really enjoying doing watercolors with me! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful posts, tips, and ideas!!

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