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2011 Winter Series Outdoor Hour Challenge #1 Cattails and Winter Wednesday #1 World of Color

1 6 11 Snowshoe Cattails Taylor Creek
Cattails from Our Snowshoe Hike January 6, 2011

I have been trying my best to figure out how to link us all up with our winter nature study. I think every Friday I will just list the corresponding Winter Series Challenge and the Winter Wednesday Challenge all in one post.

Here are the links to this week’s challenges:
Winter Series Challenge #1 – Winter Cattail Study

Winter Wednesday #1 – Winter World of Color

Please feel free to complete one or both of the challenges as you have the opportunity. We would all enjoy seeing your entries and even if it is at a later date, please come back to this entry and add your link.

As you can see from the photo above, we were able to go out for a winter snowshoe hike and we found some cattails to observe. I will be posting our Winter Cattail entry and our Winter Colors entry over the weekend. It was *wonderful* to get back outdoors with some purpose. I really am looking forward to spending the next few months sharing our adventures and reading about yours.

I am sending out a really big thank you to all of you who have commented and sent sweet notes about your nature study and how much you are looking forward to finding some interesting things to learn about this winter. It means a lot to me to know I am helping other families.

Have a great week!

9 thoughts on “2011 Winter Series Outdoor Hour Challenge #1 Cattails and Winter Wednesday #1 World of Color

  1. Hi Barb! My daughter and I are WAY BACK on the challenges and are doing a Focus study of birds that will likely last through the end of this school year. Where should I post those weekly Outdoor Hour challenges? Here? Let me know. We have been doing some fun stuff and learning a lot!

  2. I am working on my color pictures from yesterday – We’ll drive by our cattail spot on the way home from our activities today . . . .

  3. Nicole,

    You should post your link in the appropriate OHC. So say you are doing #6, post in #6. I know it seems like you won’t have people visiting but there are a lot of families working on the older challenges.

    Also, this is why I started the OHC Blog Carnival. You can submit any challenge you completed for the monthly carnival.

    I would post a link in the appropriate challenge and then immediately submit it to the carnival and that way I will include it for those that are working on the current series will be able to read your entry too.

  4. Got the Color Post in! Wa Hoo!

  5. We actually did this challenge back in December, but I decided that I will do a nature journal this year, along with the kids. Astonishing, I know, lol. Mine will be using my digi-scrapping tools, so I posted my layout on the blog. 🙂 We are actually enjoying these winter studies. Thank you so much, Barb, for your inspiring plans.

    Barbie @ Mixed Nutts and Harvest Home Academy

  6. Hi Barb-

    We are enjoying so very much what you have put together. I will admit the added challenges have made a big of a blogging challenge for me (to keep up). I will do my best.

    Your outing made me drool. Love snowshoeing. The scenery is just gorgeous. I know how easy it is to lose your way. We found that our GPS can come in handy- if of course you are in a charted area!

  7. Well, we made it for Wednesday, not Friday. Loved our study of cattails, also love the ebook you put together!!

  8. I think looking for colors is one of our favorite things to do!

  9. This isn’t our year long study cattail spot – but man were these cute – and more fun than watching pythons . .

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