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2011 Winter Series Outdoor Hour Challenge #2 Winter Tree Study and Winter Wednesday #2 Snow

Taylor Creek 12 25 09 Hiking to the Lake
Get Outside And Experience Your Winter World

Here are the links to this week’s challenges:

Winter Series #2 Winter Tree Study 
Winter Wednesday #2 World of Snow 

Even if you don’t have snow…take a Winter Nature Walk. Click HERE for nature walk ideas to print out for your family. Please feel free to complete one or both of the challenges as you have the opportunity.

Don’t forget to check in with the additional webpages for these sets of challenges:

Winter Winter Wednesday Button

11 thoughts on “2011 Winter Series Outdoor Hour Challenge #2 Winter Tree Study and Winter Wednesday #2 Snow

  1. Because today is Delurking Day in Blogdom, I wanted to leave a note just to say that I really enjoy your blog and look forward to each post.
    Thank you for what you do!

  2. Welcome Jeannie….glad to “meet” you.

    I haven’t heard about Delurking Day but it is always nice to hear from readers. 🙂


  3. Thank you again, Barb, for these challenges. 🙂

    Barbie @ Mixed Nutts and Harvest Home Academy

  4. Having a blast with these Barb. I have a resource to send you for cattails that you may want to add to your “stash.”

  5. In our quest to identify “our” tree, I realized I have been mis-naming all the pines in our yard. Yea for nature studies!!

  6. Sorry Barb! I think I keep messing up the links I’m putting up. I’ll get it figured out! We did more colors and cattails and started observing winter trees today.


  7. We had a grand time tromping through the southern snow!

  8. Sharing our tree day. I was walking with a Master Gardener, a wealth of information on identification – when I realized I hadn’t really prepped for the tree walk. It was nice to walk without any expectations of observations at all. Nice to have focus, but nice to just be as well.

  9. Angie,

    Good reminder to us all….wide focus and then just let it happen.

    Thanks for sharing your trees.

  10. We’ve been having some trouble keeping up with the challenges this year but we really enjoyed this one. We were able to look more closely at a tree in our yard that although we see it everyday we really don’t look at it or think about it. So thanks again for your great challenges.

  11. The girls had a great time with this!

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