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Another Garden Update-Flowers and Veggies and Critters and an Outdoor Hour Challenge Update

Do you see the short fence around the box? Yes, we had critters get in last week and dig holes and uproot all of our onions. We think it is our resident skunk since we can smell him at night and early mornings. So far the fence has deterred him from digging anymore holes.

Many of our day lilies are blooming and this one is our newest variety, Lemon Sachet. It is gorgeous!

The coneflowers are just about ready to burst out in Amanda’s garden box. I love to have a fresh bouquet of these flowers on my dining room table since they make me smile.

Amanda’s zinnias and cosmos are growing tall and the cosmos have flower buds…it won’t be long now.

My flower garden is cheerful and colorful this year. I have black-eyed susans, roses, alyssum, sunflowers, morning glories, a hydrangea, and gladiolas all at varying degrees of maturity. The hummingbirds are already making themselves at home.

The green beans have perfect little blossoms and lots of them! I can hardly wait to have some crisp green beans for dinner.

Look at those baby tomatoes. I think they double in size every day now that the weather has turned hot.

Squash blossoms are a favorite of the bees in the garden.

Monster zucchini plant! The little ones next to it are winter squash. This is a new area to my garden this year and it receives a lot of sun…perfect for squash.

Last but not least, here are some peppers and blossoms. We have three varieties of peppers this year and they are all looking good so far. We tend to have puny peppers so I am hoping that this time I picked varieties that like our soil and weather.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into this week’s garden. I am working on a post where I share our hiking/wildflower/camping adventure from last week’s trip to the Oregon Coast.

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4 thoughts on “Another Garden Update-Flowers and Veggies and Critters and an Outdoor Hour Challenge Update

  1. I just love the idea of garden boxes. My gardens are completely overrun with weeds this year – sure wish I had taken the time to set up garden boxes this spring. Maybe next year. So glad you shared.

  2. Thanks for all your work. I just received my Handbook from Amazon, so I will have time to peruse it before your next challenges! Yippee!

  3. Hello Barb,
    I homeschool in Chile, so it took me a long time to understand I should be looking for local burds and flowers instead of those which I see on the web…( I am slow).
    Anyways, I would like to tell you what we do with my four year old in Nature Study, once a week and hear your comments:
    We are working on birds: I prepare a small booklet on one or two birds we have the opportunity to see on our own bakyard, we have a Bird Anatomy book, which I made, and we use it as a guide to understand the booklet. We use a measuring stick and a country puzzle to understand the bird´s measurments and its location in our country. Then…we go looking for it! Sometimes we succeed, others we don´t. In our tour we gather some seeds and leaves to study, and after choosing and disecting some, we paste some on his jopurnal and we color them and decide what shape it is (e.g. lanceolate). Finally, oce a week a prepare a laminated sheet with one of the bird´s a famous national natiralist wrote and painted aboput in the 1800´s. We look at it and draw it on our nature jpurnal (we each have one). Once in a while we take an afternoon trip that day, outside the city, to hike or inside the city, to a park that´s on a hill, and we look and collect.
    Well, that´s it.
    I´ll wait for your comments.
    Andreas Hazbun

  4. Andreas,

    This sounds like a fantastic way to get to know your local birds. I love that you combine the birds and then other objects that you come across like the leaves and seeds. Perfect.

    The laminated sheets sound like a great idea for keeping track of and learning about birds as well, your own field guide. 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your nature study with us.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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