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Day Lily Farm-Color!

We had a chance to take a drive to one of our favorite local spots….a flower farm that specializes in growing and cultivating day lilies.

This is the perfect time of year to visit because so many of the early varieties are blooming.

This is one that I love and we have several in our home garden.

Wow! Look at the bright orange color! Stunning.

We wandered up and down the rows and rows of flowers and decided on one called, “Sachet of Lemon.” I forgot to actually take a photo of this one, but when it blooms in our garden I will share a photo of it with you.

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3 thoughts on “Day Lily Farm-Color!

  1. Although they’re all so beautiful, the light in the first photo is sublime!

  2. They are beautiful lilies. I think lilies are my favorite flower.

    BTW – The kids and I are still doing our nature studies, I just haven’t posted about them as we’re in the middle of an international move!

  3. gorgeous pictures! I didn’t know daylilies came in purple.

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