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Bike Ride on a Fall Afternoon

Bike Ride American River Trail 3

Last Friday Mr. B and I had the desire to get outside and enjoy the slightly cooler weather. He decided on a bike ride and it turned out to be the perfect thing to do together. Sometimes it is hard to find common activities that my teen and I can share but so far bike riding is still on the list.

We chose a mostly flat route along the American River, starting out with not another bike in sight. The photo above shows what the trail looks like as it meanders through the oaks near the river. This time of year the weeds are all dry and brown but the sun on the oak leaves is a fragrance that always reminds me of summer.

Wild Turkeys - American River Trail

We came across a flock of wild turkeys and stopped to watch them scratch around at the edge of the pavement. You can’t tell very well in this image but they have blue heads. Their feathers are sort of glossy and they walk with a funny strutting sort of movement. It is always fun to find some interesting nature study subjects when we are out enjoying the day together.

American River with oak

We looped around at the Natomas Dam after checking for salmon (none), and then we were right alongside the river for quite a way. We stopped to admire the water and the trees. As we stood there, the rowing team from Sacramento State University rowed up the river in their skinny long boats. They were moving pretty fast and Mr.B said he wouldn’t mind being on the rowing team. Hmmmm.

Bike Ride American River Trail 1

We were out riding for about ninety minutes and then we met my oldest son for dinner. It was a wonderful way to spend a September afternoon and evening. I love the homeschooling lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Bike Ride on a Fall Afternoon

  1. me too! and what a pretty way to enjoy a fall afternoon!

  2. It’s wonderful to be able to just get up and go whenever you want to, isn’t it?

  3. What a beautiful afternoon! In Aboriginal(Australia) those wild turkeys are called “Tallegalla” because of their vocalizations. Every time I see them I think of it.

  4. What a nice way to spend your day. Wow, I’ve never seen a wild turkey. How exciting! 😀

  5. You’ve shared such wonderful images – both in photos and in word – of the golden days of September. Gorgeous turkeys. I think you may be adding afternoon rowing in your future. Love homeschooling!

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