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Fall Wildlfowers – Alternate to the Milkweed Study


Many areas do not have milkweed to observe right now and I have had requests for alternate flowers to study. So here are some ideas for an alternative to your More Nature Study #1 Milkweed Study.


I mentioned in the challenge that you can find several alternate flowers in the Handbook of Nature Study. Anna Botsford Comstock gives us some ideas and I suggested “check for other fall blossoming wildflowers to observe like: Jewel Weed (Lesson 134), Late blooming Goldenrod (Lesson 132), or Asters (Lesson 133). ”


I have been doing additional research and you can also look for mullein (Lesson 146), dandelions (Lesson 144), sunflowers (Lesson 159), and several flowers not found in the Handbook of Nature Study– gentians, yarrow, or chrysanthemum. Hope that helps your family to complete the #1Milkweed Study (alternate study-any fall blooming flower).

Dandelion up close
Mullein September
Mullein in my backyard right now…not very pretty.

4 thoughts on “Fall Wildlfowers – Alternate to the Milkweed Study

  1. Thanks for the reminder that we can just find fall wildflowers to enjoy. I was just browsing your More Nature Study with the OHC and had to pop over here and tell you how much I appreciate the extra focus of nature study with older children. (Love the photo of your boys at the Tetons!) “You can successfully continue nature study with your teenagers.” Thanks again.

  2. we found our milkweeds this weekend! We took photos then snipped a few and brought them home. we are studying them today and making a journal entry!!!

    GREAT alternatives.

    i love,love, love the golden rod:-)

  3. I miss nature study most of all with the kids back in school. I take time to do it on my own! Love the new look!

  4. I love the new look of your blog!

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