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Day Lilies – Abundance of Beauty

7 6 11 Day Lily Deep Red with yellow and pollen

We have collected quite a few different varieties of day lilies over the year and right now they are blooming like crazy. Thanks to a day lily farm not too far from our house we have access to so many different colors, shapes, and sizes of lilies to choose from. We try to add one new variety each year and keeping track of the names has been a big job.

I thought perhaps taking a photo and keeping a record of the names would be a better way than relying on my memory. I have lost my paper with my whole list so I have only given the names for the flowers I am sure of in this post.

7 4 and 5 11 Day lily Pink and Orange

Dark Pink and Orange

7 4 and 5 11 Day Lily Light pink

Light Pink and slightly fragrant = American Original

7 4 and 5 11 Day Lily Yellow

Yellow and shaped like a spider = Shenandoah

7 4 and 5 11 Day Lily Red and Yellow

Maroon and yellow = Rain Dance

7 4 and 5 11 Day Lily Peach and Purple

Yellow and Purple

7 4 and 5 11 Day Lily Red and Yellow almost green

Red and yellow shaped like a spider = Stoplight

I guess I have become sort of a “collector” of flowers. I love walking around my garden each week and seeing which flowers are blooming. Some of the day lilies will bloom later in the summer, some even into autumn. We tried to pick particular varieties so we would continually have blooms to enjoy.

I love this plant and it is super easy to grow. They multiple fairly fast and you can divide the plants and fill in spaces as you like. My dad and I have started sharing day lilies and that is a great way to build up your beds.

This is also a perfect flower to learn your plant parts. Check out Garden Flowers-Flower Parts: Challenge #13  and Garden Flowers-Pollen: Challenge #18.

“All the names should be taught gradually by constant unemphasized use on the part of the teacher; and if the child does not learn the names naturally then do not make him do it unnaturally.”Handbook of Nature Study, page 456

Enjoy your garden this week!
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

3 thoughts on “Day Lilies – Abundance of Beauty

  1. Beautiful photos! I love lilies. I love them so much I named my firstborn Lily! 🙂 Thanks for the beautiful photos, and for the ideas of naturally, casually naming parts of the flower for the children.

  2. Barb, we are both in Lily-mood. I just finished a gift for my friend by drawing her an Orange Lily.
    They are wonderful indeed, elegant and so strong!

  3. Wow–look at those colors!

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