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December Extraordinary Things

We had a snowstorm that brought inches of glorious sparkling snow! I used the opportunity to see the extraordinary in the ordinary as part of last week’s Outdoor Hour Challenge.

Extraordinary Observations

I love the silence that comes from the snow. I was up several times in the night to watch the snow fall…there is something about the first snow of the year that makes it magical. This was the first time in a very long time that I didn’t have boys at home to go out early to enjoy the fresh snow. Times have changed.

The birds flock to our feeders just after a snowfall. They shelter in the shrubs and in the tree branches just beyond the feeders. They seem to come alive with the snow and every feeder is busy all day long. Finches, sparrows, juncos, jays, and even the hummingbirds come in numbers that I don’t see at other times.

I put out extra seed this morning and they still ate most of it up. I had to refill the hummingbird feeder the next morning…it had frozen overnight.

Cold air is invigorating. It is a smack in the face at first but then it stimulates many senses..the numbness of the nose and hands or the stinging tears that come from freezing air. The trees hold the snow until later in the afternoon and then as it melts it makes avalanches of snow underneath. One time I was bombed with snow on the head and it was cold!

The snow crunches and gives way under my boots as I tour the yard with the Kona dog and my camera. Kona thinks snow is fun and spends time chasing snowballs, eating snow, and generally racing around the yard in circles.

Colors are more vibrant and pop out from the white background. Reds, yellows, oranges, greens…all seem more brilliant in a snowy landscape. We gathered a few colorful items for a project that I will share later in the week…look for it.

December shared its snowy extraordinary side this week…just in time to share for this challenge. I look forward to hearing about your extraordinary in the ordinary observations. So much to be thankful for.

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4 thoughts on “December Extraordinary Things

  1. Beautiful pictures. I agree with you on the stillness and the silence of snow. I love the first snow of the season. it’s new and a sight to see. My favorite picture was the picture of the snow covered berries. We received snow here as well, but it didn’t last as long. My daughter at least was able to try to make a snowman.

  2. oh how beautiful! the kiddos and I enjoyed seeing your sweet birds. ours have been eating so much every day too! Bekah (6 years) said “oh we need to visit Ms Barb and her snow!!!”

  3. Kalley- Making snowmen is so much fun…hope you get enough snow soon.

    Katie- Come on over…it is warm enough today to really enjoy being outdoors.

  4. I’ll let her know 🙂 Christmas in TX is always strange to me, it has long been a dream to run off to the snow this time of year!

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