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Deer, Deer, Oh Deer

I have been wanting to share a photo of the deer that live in our neighborhood. They are so graceful and beautiful and I never get tired of seeing them graze and rest in the grass and under the trees.

We saw this herd of deer in someone’s front yard yesterday as we drove down to our hiking spot. (click photo to see all the deer in the photo…I think we spotted eight) Typically, we see this group of deer in this same area every afternoon. They come up to graze under the trees and they are actually not very afraid of people. This group is mostly made up of mamas and young ones. On the way back from our hike I did spot a buck sitting near this spot so I am assuming that he belongs to this crowd.

The road is very close to where I am standing and they didn’t seem to mind that I was there taking photos.

I was surprised that deer are not discussed in the Handbook of Nature Study. We used the internet to complete a notebook page on mule deer. (we also used this page)

More Nature Study Book 2 Winter Wonder cover

1 thought on “Deer, Deer, Oh Deer

  1. What a sight!
    There are two animals that make me silent and in awe…the deer and the dolphin. (I can’t seem to capture a good picture of the dolphin that I see early in the morning.)

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