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Winter Wednesday-Tree Silhouettes

Winter Wednesday Week 4
Trees Part 1

1. Read chapter four in Discover Nature in Winter. Even though the title of this chapter tells us that it is about birch trees, after you read the actual material you realize that it covers so much more in its pages. I do not live where birch trees are native but this chapter gave me lots of ways to observe any tree that I come across. Pay special attention to the sections on branch patterns, twig parts, seed containers, and tree silhouettes. This chapter alone could give you plenty of ideas for a complete season of winter nature study.

2. We are going to complete two of this chapter’s activities:
Tree silhouettes on page 77
Seed containers on page 81

For those families that do not have the book to work from, here are some ideas for you to try with your family.
1. Pick a tree in your yard or on your street and view its branch patterns and silhouette.
2. Find a tree that has lost its leaves and sketch its shape in your nature journal. This activity can be done from a window if your weather is too cold or snowy.
3. Collect some seeds from trees that may still be left over from last season. Look for sweet gum, locust, yellow poplar, ash, mimosa, or sycamore.
4. Collect twigs from different trees and compare them.
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7 thoughts on “Winter Wednesday-Tree Silhouettes

  1. Thanks for section 4 or your post.

  2. Hi Barb

    I just had to let you know that we did our first “official” nature study challenge here in Queensland yesterday. I blogged about it and put the link at Challenge 1. THANK YOU ever so much it was GREAT and I am inspired now to keep on! Can’t wait to get the book in the mail!!!
    Have a great day in nature!

  3. We were first! That’s a first 😉

    More will follow, I’m sure. Amie is so interested in “our trees”. I get the feeling she looks at them more “holistically” than I do, as the homes and shelters and food providers for many creatures… I’m always the one whipping out the camera and the guide book.

  4. Barb, the kids did sketch our front yard tree today, but I didn’t take pictures of their drawings or blog about it. We finally got some birds to eat the bird seed we have been putting out in our front yard, so my post is about that. The tree is featured in most of the pictures, though, and is quite shimmery and beautiful with ice.

    I’d love to hear your opinion on a couple of birds I am unsure of.

  5. Katie,

    I left you a comment on your blog about the bird.


  6. Amie and I had an almost psychedelic experience drawing a tree yesterday, and I just had to share. Talk about being on different pages!

  7. we were excited to read and observe the birch trees. they have always been a favorite tree of mine, and we have many beautiful ones just a few blocks away, thanks to our lovely new high line park.

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