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Earthworms in the Garden: Spring Series Challenge

Our Outdoor Hour Challenge Earthworm Study was very informal and done as we did our gardening this past weekend. Our garden boxes were tilled in preparation of our seedlings and in the process we uncovered lots of glorious earthworms. What amazing creatures!

Earthworm (2)

I am always worried that we will hurt them if we dig them up but they soon snuggle back down into the soil, more quickly than you think they should.
Earthworm (1)

We did a formal study of earthworms earlier in the year when we studied them in our science dissection unit. Here is a diagram of the innards of an earthworm.

Earthworm dissection

Mr. B also did a very good sketch of an earthworm for his nature journal.

Earthworm sketch

Rest assured that we will be continuing our study of earthworms as we tend our garden this summer.

You can find the Outdoor Hour Challenge for Earthworms with links, study ideas, and more here on my blog:
OHC Spring #9 Earthworms.


3 thoughts on “Earthworms in the Garden: Spring Series Challenge

  1. Barb, I’m impressed with all you have done in your many years of homeschooling! I’m just starting out and am overwhelmed at times, although I was a public school science teacher for many years. I can’t wait until my kids get older, as your e-books look wonderful!

    I’m writing you to ask if you ‘d be so kind as to link this earthworm post to an earthworm linky I’m hosting! I’m just finishing an earthworm unit with my 5 year old, and am in the process of consolidating resources for others who want to study worms. Your high school study on worms would really round out our collection!

    Here is the address to our linky (will open Nov. 7):

    Darci the STEM Mom

    Andrea from No Doubt Learning
    Erin from The Usual Mayhem

  2. Great article with excellent idea! I appreciate your post.

    1. Thanks!

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