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Family Outdoor Hour: California and Oregon Coast

All photos from Patrick’s Point State Park, California

Patrick’s Point State Park

Some of our Outdoor time this week was spent at the ocean. We took a few days and drove along the California and Oregon coast enjoying the views and the outdoor life that early October allows. We were sprinkled on a few times but nothing that really dampened our spirits too much. We had anticipated the weather and came equipped.

Our first beachcombing adventure gave us some things to be excited about. We saw three sea otters in the surf playing and diving as we watched. Then out past the waves, we saw another creature pop up….a sea lion. He didn’t come too close but we had a clear view of him from the shore.

We hiked around the cove a bit from where we were camping and found lots of interesting items. We saw several colors of sea stars, some brightly colored crabs, some bones, and lots of sea kelp.

The beach was covered in an area of rocks and this area is known for its agates. We joined in the hunt for our favorites and soon had a whole collection in dad’s sweatshirt pocket.

We also found this driftwood with barnacles on it which was interesting to me at the time but now that I zoom in on the photo, I realize there was a creature on the driftwood too….don’t know what it is.

On the hike back up the trail from the beach, I was able to spot two new plants to identify. One is twinberry

and the other is pearly everlasting.

We had a fantastic time on the beach and there were so many things to explore.

4 thoughts on “Family Outdoor Hour: California and Oregon Coast

  1. Oh my WOW! I spent many of my childhood days there. I SO miss the Pacific NW! My husband and I both grew up there and though have been away for the last years (as missionaries to Peru) we still both agree that it is seriously one of the most beautiful places on earth. I’m so glad that you’ve gotten to enjoy it!
    Trujillo, Peru
    PS. We’ve just started the outdoor challenges and will be posting about that soon.

  2. Barb- These photos are beautiful! Thanks for the cyber trip.

    Any good advice on pulling off these kinds of adventures with my little ones in tow?

  3. I am in the Pacific NW too! You have given me ideas on what to do with my kids now.

    I came across your blog today, and was so excited! I have had the handbook of nature study for some time now, but have never opened it. SHAME on me. I opened it today and read the chapter on the Dog to my kids and they loved it.

    I want to keep up with your challenges now! I have wanted to do nature study, haven’t known where to start. Thank you!

    My God Given Mission Field

  4. A purple starfish!
    I have not seen sea otters or sea lions here. I do see dolphins quite often.
    You must have had a lot of fun seeing all that you did!

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