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Garden Nature Study – Crop Plants Notebook Pages

Crop Plants Notebook Pages – Companion to the Crop Plants Challenges

Crop Plants Notebook Page Cover Button
Custom made notebook pages for each crop plant challenge. I have designed simple to use pages that will complement each challenge and will be an easy way to start a nature journal. Each of the eight notebook pages is in full color, but they are just as great in black and white. View a  SAMPLE

List of Crop Plant Challenge in the Ebook:
Crop Plants – Clover
Crop Plants – Beans
Crop Plants – Corn
Crop Plants – Cotton
Crop Plants – Strawberries
Crop Plants – Pumpkins
Crop Plants РTomatoes 


2 thoughts on “Garden Nature Study – Crop Plants Notebook Pages

  1. Barb, I’m confused… I see the link for the sample page, and the button links to the photo art for the cover, but where do I find the actual crops ebook? Help!

  2. Not sure what you are asking.

    The sample button goes to the sample.

    The “pay now” button will get you to Paypal to purchase the notebook pages.

    The challenge are all listed on the blog and there is no ebook.

    If I didn’t answer your question, you can email me.

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