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Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter – June 2014 Edition

HNS Newsletter June 2014 Cover

Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter

June 2014 – Nature Photography

Please read the following explanation outlining how to get this month’s newsletter.

If you don’t receive the separate email with the download link, you probably aren’t subscribed to the blog yet. This will take less than a minute to do if you follow the steps below.

  • You will need to go to the Handbook of Nature Study, look to the top right corner for the box to type in your preferred email address, and then confirm the email that comes to your email inbox.
  • Once you subscribe, you will receive a thank you email from me with the download link.

This month’s newsletter link will be available only during the month of June so be sure to download it before 6/30/14.

Remember! All of the archived and current newsletters are available as part of the Ultimate Naturalist Library…every level!

Contents of this edition of the newsletter include:

  • 4 articles with practical advice and tips for taking better photos of nature, even an article to help you with iPhone photos!
  • Nature Journal Toppers
  • Summer Fun Grid
  • Recommended study links

Please note that Ultimate Naturalist and Journey level members have access to several members only printables each month in addition to the newsletter printables. You will need to log into your account and then go to the “Other Releases” section.

3 thoughts on “Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter – June 2014 Edition

  1. I’m subscribed to your e-mails but I don’t think I got one with a link to this month’s newsletter. Is it possible to resend?

  2. You may have it in your spam inbox. If you still don’t see it, you will need to unsubscribe and then subscribe again and you will get the newsletter sent to you. The newsletter comes in a separate email at the beginning of the month. This time it went out on 5/31/14.

  3. Thanks, it was in the spam folder. Which is weird, because the other two e-mails from you on the same day went into my regular inbox with no trouble. I wonder if there’s something different with the formatting?

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