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My Fine Feathered Friends and Those With Bushy Tails

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It’s been a week for the birds…..

Finch 3
Who are you looking at?
Finch 4
Camera shy…or is this his better side?
Finch 5
Me and My Gal!
Snow Day Goldfinch
Who you callin’ yellow?
Finch 2
Playing Statue.
American Robin in the Tree
Puffed Up With Pride….King of the Tree…Lord of the Flock.
Finch in the Blossoms 1
Snacking on the Pink Stuff.

Now on to the furry friends…

Gray Squirrel in the Tree
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel, swish your bushy tail.
Fox Squirrel on the Road
Late for the fun…snow storm slowed me down…just a little.

“Where have you seen a squirrel? Does the squirrel trot along or leap when running on the ground? Does it run straight ahead or stop at intervals for observations? How does it look? How does it act when looking to see of the coast is clear?” Handbook of Nature Study, page 236.

If you have a squirrel to observe, I highly recommend looking at Lesson 57 in the Handbook of Nature Study. There are quite a number of questions to answer and to record in your nature journal. In this section Anna Botsford Comstock also gives the account of “Furry” their pet squirrel in journal style that you might like to read for fun to your children.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at my friends.

House Finch ID

Goldfinch ID

As part of Tweet and See, here is our list of February 2011 birds observed for the month:

  1. Mourning dove
  2. Acorn woodpecker
  3. Nuttall’s woodpecker
  4. Northern flicker
  5. Oak titmouse
  6. White-breasted nuthatch
  7. American robin
  8. Cedar waxwing
  9. Spotted towhee
  10. California towhee
  11. White-crowned sparrow
  12. Dark-eyed junco
  13. House finch
  14. House sparrow
  15. Canada goose
  16. Western scrub jay
  17. Anna hummingbird
  18. Lesser goldfinch
  19. Red-shouldered hawk
  20. American crow
  21. Brewer’s blackbird
  22. Turkey vulture
  23. Rock pigeon
  24. California quail

9 thoughts on “My Fine Feathered Friends and Those With Bushy Tails

  1. Enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pictures of the birds and squirrel.

    We have a squirrel here too that likes to visit the squirrel feeder that my daughters built.

    Last week, the girls discovered a tunnel system it had created in the snow which was interesting.

  2. Oh what adorable shots! Great post!

  3. I did indeed;)

    What great shots you’ve captured!

  4. I love your captions. Birds and squirrels are such fun to watch and photograph!

  5. Great shots, Barb! You have quite a variety of birds there!


  6. are those purple finches? they look a little different than ours.

  7. Heather,

    I added some images from my field guide to the bottom of the post. The pink and orange finches are house finches and the yellow finch is a lesser goldfinch.


  8. I just noticed you have the Identiflyer wand scan things on your Bird ID book! I am saving swagbucks to buy one:)Thanks for participating in Tweet and See.

  9. Gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing!

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