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Our Pear Study Using the Outdoor Hour Challenge

Pear study - leaves

Our study has been actually on-going since the spring when we first noticed that our pear tree was loaded with blossoms. We have been eagerly watching the progress since then and it culminated this week with actually eating the pears…but not until after we had closely observed them and dissected them as part of the more advanced suggestions in More Nature Study #3.

Pear Tree -trunk
We took a quick trip outdoors to snap a few images of the leaves and bark but the highlight was to come inside and actually take a close look at the fruit.

Pear study - Dissection and observations
Mr. B was willing to complete the dissection lab with the pears from our backyard tree and he did a great job recording his results on the notebook page. I think taking the Outdoor Hour Challenges up a notch with the more advanced ideas is a great way to keep them interested in nature study. We actually talked about seeds as they relate to what he studied in biology and we also talked about how growing fruit can be so very satisfying. Tend the tree, pick the fruit, enjoy the labor. What a great lesson in life.

Pear study dissection lab
Notebook Page from my More Nature Study ebook

I love watching him sketch. Makes me glad that we made nature study a part of our high school plans.

Nature study that ends in eating your subject is always a good thing when you have a teenage boy around.

4 18 11 Pear BlossomsWe will look forward to seeing this sight again in the spring!

I look forward to seeing your results and hearing how your observations went.

If you are interested in more Crop Plants study, I have a series of Outdoor Hour Challenges listed here on the blog. You can find them listed HERE. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the list.


2 thoughts on “Our Pear Study Using the Outdoor Hour Challenge

  1. Hello Barb! Long time no comment! and long time no nature study lessons here in Australia for the Monty household, though I have continued to follow and read your blog “O)I have a question though. We were working on the Garden Flowers ebook and since then my computer has been replaced and I no longer have my computer version (I have a printed copy) but I really need to reprint some of the worksheets and I was wondering if it was possible to access it somehow? thanks soooo much for your time
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Pauline,

    Send me an email and we will work something out.


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