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Outdoor Hour Challenge – Autumn Goldenrod Study

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Goldenrod Study

From the Archives and the Autumn 2009 series of challenges (no ebook but printable notebook pages are available)

I am super excited for our autumn flower study, either the goldenrod flower or one of the alternatives listed in the challenge. I love looking at wildflowers in this transitional time of the year. After the abundance of summertime wildflowers, autumn flowers are more subdued but still pretty and very interesting. This is certainly the case with the goldenrod. I think the narrative section in the Handbook of Nature Study about the goldenrod is one of my favorites.

Please join us for an autumn flower study!


1 Outdoor Hour Challenge Oct 17 to Aug 18 Plans

Remember we start the Autumn 2010 series of Outdoor Hour Challenges next week. You can see the plan in this entry: Autumn 2017 Nature Schedule.


2 thoughts on “Outdoor Hour Challenge – Autumn Goldenrod Study

  1. Super stoked. May the rains hold off today! Or, may we all have rain jackets. Ha. I think that there are golden rods up the road. They just mowed our two fields. i.e. plant observation stations. Ha.

    1. Hope you had a good day of looking for goldenrod!

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