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Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival – Fishy Version

OHC Blog Carnival

This was probably the hardest month of nature study for our family……the topic, a busy life, and HOT weather really did keep us from tackling the fish theme with our usual vigor. But, that is what is wonderful about nature study – we can always pick it up again when the opportunity arises. Thank you so much for all of your entries this month to the blog carnival. I think each entry is a special glimpse into how your family kept nature study at the forefront and I know they will inspire us all to get outside with our children.

Our families fish entries from this month’s study (in case you missed one):
Hawaiian Fish

Be inspired. Be encouraged. Get outdoors!

Fish Study Grid
Angie from Petra School shares her entry Are There Fish In The Lake? with the carnival. She does a great job of showing how to find some fish…look for birds!

Shirley from Under An English Sky writes up their OHC – Grid Study observations for this edition of the carnival.This is such an encouraging entry and I know you will love taking a look at the beginnings of their fish nature study.

Eva’s daughter had the opportunity to attend Fish Camp this year and what a wonderful experience for her! This is a great entry showing how a child’s passion can be nurtured.

Jennifer from Royal Little Lambs submits their Fish Nature Study entry for you to read. Their family has been busy with their fish study!

Alex from Life on a Canadian Island has written up and sent in their entry for the carnival: Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. They had a rough start to their study but it looks like they did an excellent job on their subject fish.

Photo Credit: Shirley from Under An English Sky

Shirley from Under An English Sky submits their excellent entry, OHC Goldfish for you to enjoy. You don’t want to miss their fish kite project too!

Drawing Fish
Angie from Petra School shares their Lesson 37 Bullhead nature study entry for you to enjoy. She shares their observational questions and nature journal.

I caught one
Photo credit: Eva Varga

Eva Varga shares their family’s river trip and some wonderful reflections on nature in her entry to the carnival: Nature’s Lesson Plans.

Eva Varga also shares her The Secret of The Tides entry with you with some wonderful ideas for learning about the tides and the moon. Stay tuned for the August Newsletter where she shares a wonderful article to go along with this entry.

OHC Blog Carnival
Don’t forget to share your blog entries with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival. All entries done in August are eligible for the next edition. The deadline for entries is 8/30/13 and you can send them directly to me: or submit them at the blog carnival site (link on the sidebar of my blog).

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  1. I was wondering if you are going to be developing OHC ebooks for this school year, or should I buy one I don’t have?

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