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Outdoor Hour Challenge: Scarlet Saucer Nature Study

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Scarlet Saucer Nature Study

For many families, this is a perfect time to get out and look for fungus in the woods.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Scarlet Cup Fungus @handbookofnaturestudy

View the original challenge here: Outdoor Hour Challenge – Scarlet Saucer.

The scarlet saucer is easy to recognize and you can make it a fungus hunt to capture your child’s interest. Use the information in the original challenge to learn more about the scarlet saucer or if you want to make it a broader study of fungus, members can download the March 2013 newsletter for a fungus grid study and some coloring pages.

Handbook of Nature Study March Newsletter CoverIf you have access to the Winter Nature Study Continues ebook, there are two notebook pages to choose from for your nature journal.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Winter Nature Study Continues ebook

Fungi Photo Hunt Notebook Page

Alternate activity: Look for the Fungi Photo hunt printable in the Member’s Library.

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