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Outdoor Hour Challenge – Winter World Colors

Winter Color Mosaic

Join us this week for a simple December Color Walk. 
Here are some ideas:

Outdoor Time:

  • Pick a color to focus on during your outdoor time. Look for things both natural and manmade that are that color. (The Hodgepodge Family recently took a red and green walk.)
  • Give your child the camera and let them snap photos of the different colors they see during their outdoor time.
  • Try to find a color rainbow.
  • Use some natural items and gather some color. Take a photo.

Follow up with some journal time:

  • Record your color items with little sketches all over your journal page (or you can use the notebook page from the December Newsletter.)
  • Print a photo and add it to your journal. Make sure to give it a date and a caption.
  • Color a winter rainbow.

Make sure to share your December blog entries with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival.

More Nature Study #2 button
Scheduled Publish Date: 12/28/11

More ideas on my Winter Wednesday Squidoo lens.

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Hour Challenge – Winter World Colors

  1. What a lovely idea! We’ll have to get outside for a hike today before it starts raining again.

  2. Hi Eddie,
    We are going to be taking a walk today too..bundled up because it is cold but just getting outside and taking in the air and the mood of an almost winter day is nice.
    Thanks for leaving me a note.

  3. Your photos are beautiful – those give such great ideas as well! Reminds me of your newsletter this month. The nature study grid suggests looking at frost up close with a hand lens. Thank you for the simple and fun encouragements this week (and for the link to our red and green walk). Off to click your links.

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