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Photo of the Week Recap – August


Nature Photo of The Week

Here are my August photos for the Nature Photo of the Week project.  We enjoyed a trip to Utah and Nevada this month so take a glimpse into a little bit of our adventures via the Nature Photo of the Week.

Great Basin Ntl Park Wheeler Peak (1)

Top: My son and his friend hiked to the top of Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park-August 2014. 13,605 feet high!

Great Basin  (46) Bristlecone Wheeler Peak hike

Roots: We so enjoyed Great Basin National Park and the Bristlecone pines. Here are some roots crossing the trail. (Yes, you will get to hear all about this awesome place in a future national park entry!)

Jordanelle campsite and wildflowers (13)

Circle: Utah wildflowers….love, love, love the colors of this one! Also the insect trying to hide from the camera!

Please feel free to join us over on the Nature Photo of the Week Pinterest Board.

There have been some awesome pins on the Nature Photo of the Week Pinterest board and I invite you to click over and see them all for yourself!

Nature Photo of the Week 2014 – Printable List

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