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Snowshoe Adventures…Tramping Through the Woods


I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines.

~Henry David Thoreau

By now you are more than likely tired of seeing my snowshoe photos but since the season is full of opportunities to hike out there in the snowy goodness, I will continue to share some of the best shots and stories from our wanderings.

This trip was a sisters trip and my big sis and I spent part of our weekend out in the sunshine hiking/wandering, taking photos, talking, sharing aches and pains, and nourishing our love of beautiful landscapes. We heard Steller’s jays and nuthatches as we “tramped” through the woods.The creek sounds were always in the background and every now and then the quack of a mallard was heard over the crunching of our shoes.

This particular place is known for being a bear and eagle habitat. Although I have seen bears here in the summer and fall, I have never seen an actual bear or signs of bear in the winter. There are plenty of other animal tracks around but never any bear tracks. My sister was still a little uneasy but we did not see a bear on this trip, thank goodness, or she would have never let me forget about it.

There has been no fresh snow in awhile but there were places where we really did need the snowshoes. The weather was warm and I ended up just with a fleece jacket, no gloves, and my light knit hat. My sister was trying out a new set of snowshoes which were much smaller and lighter than mine. She said they were very easy to get used to and we felt good about being out for a long walk….not totally by ourselves in the woods but still alone enough to feel peaceful and refreshed.

Aspens with Snow and a Trail
We wandered through the woods and only once did we need to take our snowshoes off and jump across the creek. Yes, I said jump.  I didn’t feel very graceful as I made the leap across into the snowbank but there was no one else around to see me….

The aspens make such a visual treat with their beautiful trunks.

Taylor Creek with winter Bushes Red

Yes, the limbs of the bare bushes are that pinky-red in real life. Amazing color along the creek for a winter scene. I was so surprised that my point and shoot was able to capture the exact look of this winter creek.

Mountains and Taylor Creek Reflection
Does it get any better than this? With a little effort my sister and I made it out to the end of the creek where it spills into the lake. The snow had all melted on this side of the water and we took off our snowshoes and stood in awe of the mountains, the snow, the reflections, the sky, the peacefulness of this place. I felt like I was in some beautiful outdoor cathedral and I sent my thanks to our Grand Creator for the gift of this afternoon.

Outdoor Photographer Sister

There is my sister taking some photos of her own. We share a love for the outdoors and photography and she is an amazing nature photographer. All too soon we realized the day was coming to a close and we needed to make the hike back to the car. We were tired but it was a good kind of tired.

I hope to get up to the snow at least one more time, probably with my boys if we can fit in the time.

I am not the only one that has snowshoes.  Don’t miss reading another mom’s experience with her snowshoes…it will warm your heart: Pink Snowshoes by Richelle at Educating Mother.

8 thoughts on “Snowshoe Adventures…Tramping Through the Woods

  1. I think I would be out almost everyday with views like that! Beautiful!

    My daughter did a constellation snow shoe walk in the woods with her Brownies.

    I just found out that our new Rec Center has snowshoes to borrow! We’ll have to try that out!


  2. Snowshoeing with your sister – what a perfect day – and to be able to move through the snow with just a fleece on! All around you gifts for the having.

    I would love to snowshoe together with you.

    May I say, your post title is very clever 🙂

  3. Wow! So, so beautiful.

  4. it’s so beautiful! my sister would enjoy a hike along your creek immensely. it’s so nice that you had the time together.

  5. Wow you live in such beautiful area! And it sounds like you take full advantage of it. Love seeing your pictures of that side of the country. Gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous pics, thx for sharing.

  7. Beautiful photos! I have never been snowshoeing, but would love to try it. I used to think I didn’t like snowsports, because I hate downhill skiing. I’ve decided, however, that I probably would like cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

  8. Maureen,

    If you like hiking, you will like snowshoeing. There is no particular skill involved and it gets you away from the crowds.

    I highly recommend snowshoeing…especially now that I don’t downhill ski anymore because of the expense.

    Give it a try!

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