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2011 Winter Series Outdoor Hour Challenge #4 Winter Weather and Winter Wednesday #4 Tree Silhouettes

Fallen Leaf Lake with Snow and Trees
Fallen Leaf Lake Snowshoe Hike

Here are this week’s challenges:

Outdoor Hour Challenge #4 Winter Weather Study 
Winter Wednesday #4 Tree Silhouettes -More ideas for this study can be found on Squidoo.

These two challenges can easily be combined into one outdoor excursion. Both challenges can also be done from the comfort of your own window if it is bitterly cold outdoors. Observations can be made and then recorded in your nature journal or if you have the ebooks you can record your findings on the accompanying notebook pages.

Tracks in the Snow with Trees
Snowshoe Tracks with Aspen Silhouettes

Even if you don’t do anything else this week, try to get outside for some fresh air and a good walk with your children.

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13 thoughts on “2011 Winter Series Outdoor Hour Challenge #4 Winter Weather and Winter Wednesday #4 Tree Silhouettes

  1. I’m having problems downloading/printing any of your free Scribd pages, Barb. I have tried clicking on download and print, but each time I get a box saying that I have to pay for an account. Could you let me know what I’m doing wrong? LOL I’ll check back later today or tomorrow. Thanks!


  2. I tried to print off the Scribd page and it would not let me. Do you know how to fix? 🙂

  3. Scribd allows free printing of documents if you upload and participate on their website. You just need to find some document to share and then you can download anything you want.

    An alternative is to pay a small subscription fee but there is no reason you can’t find something to share and then be a part of the community.

    Read the Scribd website and they will step you through joining the community.

  4. my youngest daughter and i went for a walk along the river. we actually have been observing several trees further south, but we usually bike there, and we didn’t feel like getting the bikes out in the snow, or walking the distance! so we chose a new tree, closer to home. it’ll be fun to watch this one now, through spring and summer and autumn. we haven’t figured out yet what it is.

  5. love the snowshoe tracks toward the aspen silhouettes 🙂

  6. No snow, so we had to adapt. Thanks, Barb.

  7. Hi Barb-
    Better late than never….we had a great time doing this one.

  8. Never ever late Amy. Thanks so much for linking. 🙂

  9. My link says “Conifers”, but it’s not! So sorry Barb! Someday I’ll figure this all out. It’s our Winter Weather, Snow and Winter Sky study.


  10. This worked out so well today – both the weather and the tree silhouettes. Love the blind contour activity in the Winter Wednesday ebook! Thank you

  11. Trying to get our challenges posted! Thanks for all your time and effort you put in to this blog. We love it!

  12. Hey… I finally took the time to post this…Loving these studies.

  13. Hi Barb, we really enjoyed ourselves AGAIN!!! Thanks!!

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